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A pre-foundation for each type of skin

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Once accepted the fact incorporate this new gesture in skin routine, the question is which merit further you may be required to first or prebase: Want to hide pores? Do I fill fine lines? Do you get your makeup last longer? To Avoid glare? I add hydration? Or perhaps unify the skin tone?

The primers, in addition to a smooth surface, they make the makeup last longer. But some some contain silicones or harsh chemicals that are aggressive; therefore you have to make sure to take into account the priorities of your skin. As there already on the market a lot of formulas,  we chose 6 best suited to a wide variety of  skin problems to help you in your choice. 

How to apply 

About good clean and moisturized face can be applied with fingers or sponge.

Better if you heat a
few seconds, so the skin absorbs it quickly, before spreading across his face.

If you do it with a sponge, better be a little wet.
The first can be applied to the entire face or only areas require.

Also, as you
check the needs of your skin, you can apply more than one layer.
Between the two, you should let a minute for the first has been reabsorbed by the skin.

Finally you can extend the bottom and makeup.

When reading labels you can check the first …

– The laying ‘oil free’ -o
il free – are the most recommended by experts to serve all types of skin, including dry, because despite camouflaging pores not clogged and allows the skin to follow oxigenándose.

– Those who act also as a corrector , which which you save a step. You will have to choose one with green, yellow, lilac … disimularás hue and thus the most marked skin imperfections: acne or dark circles and, of course, sallow tone.

A first skin for each

Considering the main problems that arise in the skin, choose the first or prebase that suits.

Acneica skin: the first formula helps relieve discomfort and camouflage pimples and blemishes to homogenize the skin.

Oily skin: look shine everywhere. Primers need always 100% free of oils and properties to control the brightness and the extra oil secretion.

Dry Skin: may appear scaly, especially in areas such as the nostrils. They need hydration or wetting agents, require flexibility and freshness facial movement.

Combination skin with T (forehead, nose and chin) with glitter by excess sebum, the rest can be very dry area. First they need to know how to adapt to different situations of the skin.

Mature skin: intense hydration and nutrition so that wrinkles and fine lines are flush.

Normal skin: no complications, but there is something strange and can afford to be treated with a first universal formula.

Now you know that there is a first for you. Look for the formula that suits your needs and see how they are made with a gap of honor in your makeup bag.

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