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A routine to take care of the skin of your face

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You do not know in what order you should use the hundreds of products that you have on the accommodator bath? With so many products, as varied and diverse are likely to either get confused and not know what to use and how to use it to actually care for your skin. Regardless of the brand you use, the skin needs some basic care and has different needs during the day and at night. In this article we tell you what the routine you must follow if you want to have a glowing skin for long.

Before going to bed you should use essentially three products:

cleaner: To clean your skin can use use a makeup remover cream, a facial cleansing wipes for removing makeup or you can simply wash your face with facial soap and water.
Tonic: After cleaning your face is normal that the pores open, so it’s important that you use a toning lotion. There are many tonics on the market, one natural and very economical is the rosewater.
Wrinkle and eye contour cream : Ideally you start using a cream to fight wrinkles and free radicals , or a wrinkle patches ( see promoting a kit care face, hands and feet for the month of mothers ). You also need to use a special product that reduces wrinkles and fine lines forming time in the eye area . After this you’ll be ready to go to bed. Nothing fancy or yes?

When you
wake up the ritual it is the same, you just have to change the cream or wrinkle patches for a moisturizer for day and also add 2 products more:

Sunscreen: This is essential if you want to reach the 50 full of spots and wrinkles. The sun can cause you skin diseases and is the largest factor of skin aging. Beware!
Make – up: If you do your makeup after applying sunscreen. Try to use a lip balm   to prevent dryness and cracking of the lips caused by sunlight, weather changes, wind and inclement environment. Lips also need protection and care!
To sum up
, the morning routine must have a cleaner, a tonic, a moisturizer and sunscreen finally.
A tip … Remember that makes you sleep well with you and your skin.

In addition to these basic care journals and tries to make weekly routines for better skin care.
Products that can be used in these weekly routines can be: Scrubs: Remember how important it is exfoliation to remove dead cells and cleanse the skin of all impurities accumulated by pollution, makeup and the same process of aging skin, which is a process every day; so it is important that the routine for skin care is daily, and every 8 days you give some extra care, as exfoliate, for example. Masks: Apply a mask at least once a week to hydrate and regenerate your face.
It is important that monthly and if you need to
resort to treatments involving technology such as procedures such as microdermabrasion ( see promotion for the month of mothers portable microdermabrasion equipment ); in case you have to treat skin pigmentation problems, skin aging or acne.
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