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Abuse of makeup could increase cases of dermatitis – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Although they note that, in general, are safe products under

strict quality controls in some cases can cause

allergic or adverse reactions typically generated by misuse.

“makeup abuse can increase the irritative reactions and

cases of dermatitis ,
” says Maria Luisa Garcia-Melgares, dermatologist at the

They can also occur when makeup “is expired,

been any pollution to be open or not properly
stored and

when applied in areas other than those listed ,
” says

dermatologist ..

In other cases, it is true allergies in

people intolerant skin.
“Allergy to these products usually

manifest as dermatitis with signs of erythema dryness,

peeling or even small vesicles if it is an

acute or severe allergic reaction” describes Garcia-Melgares.
All this

accompanied by symptoms such as itching, stinging or burning sensation in the

affected area.

Although the doctor explains that anyone

is likely to have an allergic reaction to the makeup as well

as any product may cause allergic reaction, “they tend to

more predisposed those with atopic skin or a history of

other allergic diseases such as rhinitis or conjunctivitis”.


preservatives and fragrances contained in these cosmetics are the

ingredients usually cause greater reaction, experts,

so if you have an atopic skin is better to
use products

adapted where to minimize the use of these components .

people who are allergic to makeup usually are one or more of

the components, which means that if we
change makeup and follow

the allergen component appears again being ,
” says

Another thing different is people with “skin

intolerant cosmetics” that can
not withstand any makeup. “Do not

talk about allergies to makeup, but a skin extremely

sensitive that does not tolerate most cosmetics” he says.


we must act to appear if one of these reactions?

first suspend the application of the suspect makeup and,

subsequently, “applying topical corticosteroids to reduce

skin inflammation, administer oral antihistamines to relieve

itching, and in very severe or widespread cases, it
may even be appropriate to

associate a short course of corticosteroids orally ,



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