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Acidity and heavy digestion in summer: tips to avoid your discomfort

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Foods like chocolate, coffee, alcohol, tomatoes, citrus and garlic or onion favor the onset of symptoms of heartburn. Avoid taking these foods, as well as eliminate from your diet fast food or fried foods can prevent its occurrence.  

According to the sociological study of Almax : behavior of society towards heartburn, conducted by Nielsen and sponsored by Almirall, one of every three Spaniards who suffer heartburn does not get to change your eating habits and concludes that 24 % of Spaniards have suffered this trouble once in the last 6 months

The survey results indicate that not only a poor diet leads to this disorder, but a lifestyle unhealthy, stress, exercise right after eating, lying down without having done digestion or make large meals can generate same symptoms.

“While increasingly there is a greater awareness of the importance of food in our health, it is recommended a campaign of awareness to maintain healthy habits and proper nutrition to address effectively the symptom of heartburn in Spain,” says Jesus Gomez, President of the SEFAC (Spanish Society of Community Pharmacy) and responsible for digestive.

The survey data also show that 77% of respondents who have experienced the symptom of heartburn in the last six months are concerned about the possible consequences.

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