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Acne at any age

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Anyone who thinks that acne is only a teenager thing is wrong. It is indisputable that acne itself hormonal changes during adolescence, is quite common. But it does not mean that is unique at that stage.

There are lots of adults, who suffer from
this skin condition, both men and women, although it is more common among women. Adult acne is considered a stronger acne and requires more intensive treatment.

For women, it
is important to rule out any hormonal disorder, such as polycystic ovary, as noted by dermatologists in most cases.

The causes of adult acne are mainly: stress, snuff, lifestyle and hormonal changes.
Many experts stress the importance of oil-free cleaning products and daily hydration as well as makeup.

MartiDerm already launched 2 years ago, specific treatment to treat fat and acne-prone skin:

As we will discover in its release, the gel Purifying and cremigel form a perfect tandem.

With its composition cleans and purifies the skin more fat, treats acne problems, but without drying preventing further rebound effect and respects the pH of the skin.
Cleans pores in depth.

Its pleasant smell and feel clean, make an indisputable ally in the daily step before applying the treatment.

How to use : Apply to moistened skin with a gentle massage. Rinse thoroughly.

Its texture is
quickly absorbed and no odor, make it so pleasant that they will appeal to men and women.

Its Seboregulating effect, clinically tested, guarantees
antimicrobial effect of 91%. Also achieved a reduction of imperfections in 83% and a reduction of sebum in 70%. Ingredients:
Usage : Apply day and night after normal cleaning.

This line is recommended from 10-12 years.
But as we pointed out at first, in the case of adult acne, it is essential to carry out a more intensive treatment.

Within our formulary, we
find other products of great importance in the treatment of oily skin or acne – prone skin, perfect for those more stubborn cases.

How to use : Apply every night with skin clean and dry.

In the morning wash well with Acniover Purifying gel and apply Acniover active cremigel.
Not forget proper sun protection.

Other combinations …

are not seborreguladoras, but its formula Oil-Free, make it
perfect to combine with the active Acniover cremigel.

If treatment with Acniover Line will have effect, but we want to
improve the renewal and regeneration of our skin in a more active way, we can apply after cleaning with Acniover gel Purifying, ½ ampoule 
Night Renew every night before applying Acniover cremigel active.

We can do it
daily, or in case of sensitive skin in a timely manner.

You also get a more moisturizing effect, and at the
same time firming. All thanks to the action of its ingredients.

How not to
mention our blisters
Proteoglicanos specific for oily skin.

Its formula makes it
exceptional for added hydration without giving fat ally.

When we talk about an adult oily skin, we say that it
is also important to take care other fundamental aspects such as water supply to the skin, but also a firming effect to maintain and care elasticity.

Usage : Apply ½ ampoule per day in the morning after cleansing with Purifying Acniover gel before applying Acniover active cremigel.

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