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Acne: Know the reasons why you can get pimples

In Skin Care Tips

To guard against the emergence of several care grains you should have. Although there are some classics to care for all skin care, there are other simple care insurance but not know. One of the important points is to use products not comedónicos , ie not clog pores.
Follow these five steps to prevent breakouts.

This is one of the essential tips for a healthy face at any stage of life.
Not thoroughly clean your face can cause pimples appear.If you use special products to do so you should always remove it completely, because some products are very strong and can cause damage if left in the face. Wash your face in the shower if possible, if you do worry sinks in removing the entire product.

Touching your face if you have dirty hands can cause infections, so we recommend to
always have a gel alcohol.
In addition if you use brushes or sponges for makeup we recommend washing them once a week with a mild shampoo, as they can keep dust and dirt.

In women,
factors such as stress and hormone levels are directly linked to acne breakoutsBecause if you ‘re nervous your hormone levels are altered, can cause these outbreaks.

The important thing in these cases is to
relax and get enough sleep so that your skin is repaired.

All the toxins that your body receives when babies are absorbed into the bloodstream and then expelled through the skin.
If you are drinking alcohol , it is advisable to also drink plenty of water.

The pillows can be filled with bacteria and your face stays on them for several hours. It is why you must change your pillowcase constantly. The other recommendation is to use latex pillows, which are cleaner than those of feathers and other materials.

It is important to remember to
use specific products for your skin type and if you follow a dermatologic treatment always follow it to the letter.

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