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Acne: “you have to protect yourself too to prevent stains” – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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In addition to preventing skin cancer and fotoenvenjecimiento acne patients, usually young, should use sun protection to prevent the appearance of sunspots derived from inflammatory lesions (papules and pustules).

He explains to Isabel Longo CF, the Department of Dermatology at Hospital Gómez Ulla de Madrid, who last week attended an event organized by Eucerin in the hospital.

  • Lotions Nonfat and seborreguladores assets, recommended

Many people with oily and acne-prone skin think the sun is good to solve your problem but it is not always so. “There are acne patients do well and others worse,” says Longo. It is true that sun exposure “may reduce the number of inflammatory lesions but do not forget that can also cause other as cysts or comedones and, therefore, these patients need a high level of protection.” Moreover, she adds, “most of them use topical or oral medications depending on the severity of the injuries- formulated with retinoids fulfill their function against acne, but leave the skin very thin and unprotected from the sun increasing its sensitivity”.

These damages “would add pigmentation or spots due to injuries that occur in the skin by acne and are accentuated with the sun”. For all these reasons and the importance of preventing other injuries such as skin cancer, it is necessary that the acneic skins fotoprotejan in summer and throughout the year.

The problem I have is that these patients usually do not find the texture or sunscreen that suits your skin type. In this sense , the pharmacist has a fundamental role. ” It is important to recommend nice textures that leave no oily skin and are easy to use , ” says dermatologist.

Most sunscreens on the market “tend to be moisturizing and occlusive and contain no active seborreguladores making acne worse.” So, look for lotions with assets such as L-carnitine that “helps reduce sebum production and therefore plays a key role in acne-prone skin.” As a dermatologist recalls, “It is an asset that is widely used in treatments for acne”.

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