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Acniover: the final goodbye to acne

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Youth is one of the most desired stages of life. Everyone wants to stay young, look young, feel young. Yet this is a stage of changes are also reflected in the skin. One of the most common changes that occur in the skin of young people is the appearance of acne .

Acne is the most feared of the companions you can have in the adolescent stage.
adolescent acne and adult acne have ceased to be a headache because you can fight with topical treatments that are 100% effective.
MartiDerm launched one year ago the perfect tandem for cases of mild acne, shine, blackheads and pimples , plus a perfect fit for moderate to severe acne : ACNIOVER

first step to take to end the acne is to clean your face using purifying gel and thus remove sebum that may contain skin.

Acniover Purifying Gel with its high concentration of assets , pleasant smell and soapy texture are key to convert the time of cleaning an impossible step of skipping.
What are the main characteristics of this gel?

Its content
extract Glycolic of Hammelis , bactericidal with soothing and slightly astringent action, acts effectively in all those oily and that might be sensitive or irritable.

Moreover ,
extract of green tea , known in Chinese culture as “blotter pimples”, generates a protective and stimulating the skin ‘s metabolism action .

Finally we
lactitol and xylitol , can improve and strengthen our skin microflora, helping to reduce the activity of the bacteria that cause acne.

The highlight of the Acniover Purifying Gel is the
absence of alcohol , providing a sense of comfort, without drying or alter sensitive skin .
Usage : morning and evening for a thorough cleaning action.

After cleansing with Purifying Gel Acniover the second step to get a free skin
acne it is to apply a cream. Active cremigel Acniover stands out for its texture, absence of perfume and rapid absorption.

The difference with other creams lies especially in a number of features that make it

To begin emphasize its
mattifying effect and a quickly visible results.

Among its components, the
Salicylic Acid in its maximum concentration obtains a higher than usual effect thanks to their microencapsulated form getting better absorption of this active, being quicker and more efficient. Salicylic Acid synergizes with the Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 , working as antimicrobial , antiinflammatory and seborregulador .

Plant Bioactive seafood, bring a matte finish, help maintain hydration externally for a greater sense of comfort thanks to the restoration of the lipid barrier , and collaborate actively in the seborreguladora and antiinflammatory action.

absence of alcohol also makes it perfect for sensitive skin .
Usage : morning and evening after cleansing with Purifying Gel Acniover.

Other products recommended for the care of oily skin and acne-prone MartiDerm:
Mask Cleaning Mask Pure .
Usage : 1 or 2 times / week for 20-30 min.

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