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Advice for the bath of the patient with atopic dermatitis – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Hygienic measures are part of the treatment of patients with atopic dermatitis but how should in these cases? José Manuel Carrascosa, a dermatologist at the University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, Barcelona, provides the following guidelines in this regard that are useful for advice on dermo .

-Water temperature. “Although there is no single temperature for all people with atopic skin, in general, it is recommended not to increase the temperature beyond 32 or 34 degrees , ” he says.

-Geles shower. This expert comments that “conventional gels are alkali and soap pH, ability to interact with and damage the stratum corneum and lipids, representing the skin barrier function.” In his view, ideal for atopic patients are cleaners Syndets, neutral or slightly acid pH . “They should avoid perfumes and fragrances contain irritant and sensitizer potential , ” he added. These recommendations are signs the last protocol for AF in atopic dermatitis, published by the General Council of COF . This document emphasizes that ” it is better to opt for the bathroom by the shower”.

-Bath towel. Both Carrascosa as the National vocalía of Dermopharmacy agree whether to use towels and bathrobes cotton instead of synthetics, wool or linen. “In any case, drying must be done smoothly and without friction , ” says the specialist at the University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol.


In his experience, “the use of emollients is one of the best tips that can be offered to those affected after bathing, since the emollients and humectants allow prolong and optimize hydration of the skin after bathing”. Carrascosa notes that “there is considerable consensus on this issue , ” although that document the General Council of COF clarifies: “We must dispense with emollients in areas where an outbreak is triggered and pharmacological treatment exists.”

On the use of these products in children with atopic skin , Carrascosa believes that “although there is controversy about the benefits of adding emollients or bath additives, evidence is scarce. Anyway, they are not harmful, so it can be left free for patients to decide to what extent they feel benefit with it. ” At this point, he warns that there is an exception: “The use of small amounts of sodium hypochlorite, a suitable dosage as an additive in water, can reduce bacteria colonization aggravating disease- staphylococcus Dorado- in people with severe forms of atopic dermatitis “.


To the question of whether they are suitable hot springs to improve symptoms, the expert explained that ” are recommended those slightly acidic as adjunctive therapy and even there are specific facilities for these patients , ” but says that “the scientific evidence is scarce and high cost. And probably similar results can be achieved by other cheaper procedures. “

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