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After-Sun Lotion for the skin.

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Despite a high SPF sunscreen brands yet, but when faced with hot weather.
Make shabby sweat flowing throughout the body. Wash the sunscreen off almost useless. Let the sunlight and UV rays damage the skin, face and body every day, girls will cope better.


Sun scorching hot day.
May cause skin irritation our girls. Burns and Burns Some people are so much skin peel off a piece of the girls who spent most of the sun for long periods or at the beach. Even sunscreen to protect your skin throughout the day. May not be enough to maintain our skin from the damage. Despite the rush Sheltering but still burning skin sensation Yu After-Sun Lotion is another essential item to help women reduce the burning of the skin after sun up. After Sun Skin Care products are a blend of aloe vera-based. It helps to reduce inflammation of the skin. Some brands have added ingredients like avocado extract, vitamins A, E, for some optimization to restore skin after sun, cover up with what you are likely to see some use. 


Korean goods despite this mixture of aloe, but only 92% of the remaining 8% more antioxidants with anti-oxidants to.
For skin care after sun gently. But alcohol May not be suitable for women with sensitive skin. However, do not forget allergy test before applying face me up


for followers of aloe vera gel.
Many people familiar Aloe Face Mask 100% of POCare After Sun Lotion is good, but for this quality, it is known as extraordinary. The extracts of aloe vera gel is 100% transparent paint and felt cold. Reduce the burning sensation of the skin after sun exposure. And nourish and revitalize skin Both face and body. Squeeze the bulb to use at the affordable prices.


Aloe vera gel in Thailand.
Has been popular among girls with acne and sensitive skin is. A mixture of aloe leaf extract enriched to 99.9%, cucumber and sesame. It helps to hydrate the skin after sun exposure. And through the skin, the laser is gentle and effective. Reducing irritation and skin rashes from allergies were not gel quickly absorbed into the skin without perfume and alcohol. Therefore, face and body safely without worry. Treat ulcers From scald wounds as well. Purchased at pharmacies.


Another Korean brand has been popular.
And the positive reviews that used to see the real soft spots fade. Reduce inflammation and skin damage from the sun, the sun. Reduce the roughness of the skin. The combined value of serum concentrations snail mucus helps restore skin cells is excellent. No perfume and alcohol-free Both face and body.


For this is that the universe has many ingredients of aloe vera applied to 95% body surface burns to reduce the harm of sunlight.
Mixed with cosmetic makeup base, reduce allergies. Use a cotton swab moistened with closed eyes to reduce dark circles around the eyes and reduce bags under the eyes. Used as a treatment for hair soft and silky. And nourish the nails and make them smooth, too. Transmission volume has reached 300 ml, but the price is worth much less than 200 baht


After sun lotions containing from Boots.
Shimmer Lotion Which moisturize the skin loses water after the sun not to dryness. Help relieve the burning sensation of the skin. And helps the skin glow. With more antioxidants to shield skin from sun damage another. Buy at Boots stores (they are sold as a set, too)


, this is very clear that it extracts.
Aloe Vera Organics 100% confident in the efficiency reduces the irritation of the skin after sun exposure and skin gently. With a mixture of French mineral water (Spring Sea Water) which helps restore moisture and skin soft, smooth and always. As often as desired But a mixture of lighter alcohol if young people do not buy them at all Watsons stores or on-line to buy the Watsons are available here.


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