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Aging, centers R & D in cosmetics – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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“In each disease are leaving active trying to supply what having deficient disease or relieve the effects of skin disease , ” says Montserrat Salleras, head of the Department of Dermatology at University Hospital Sacred Heart of Barcelona, and Infarma of participants. But R & D is not left in the disease. Rosalia Gozalo, member of Dermopharmacy and Health Products College of Pharmacists of Madrid says that aging is still the major focus of innovation. “

Thus, one of the great advances in this field is the development of nanotechnology “to reach the cell nucleus and have an action on DNA, ie, an action type gene”. In this regard, research and development of lipid nanoparticles “is assuming a very important asset , ” said Mercedes Fernández Arévalo, profesorade the University of Seville, in a document available on www.portalfarma.com. “Lipid nanoparticles have a number of very suitable characteristics for the application of both pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, such as the ability to exercise control of the release of active molecules”. Gozalo also mentions the action of telomeres, teprenone as liposomes and hyaluronic acid, among others.

Amparo Rodriguez, dermatologist and director of the company Derma-Balmes, Barcelona, also highlights the sunscreens , “now microparticle titanium leave no trace on the skin and better UV blocking longer”; the incorporation of plant extracts and peptides formulas; the introduction of stem cells in cosmetics, “still under consideration”; developments in photoprotection, with combined antioxidants and molecules that provide screen functions, and Nutricosmetics, “most active” in both skin care and hair.

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