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The world of cosmetics includes a broad spectrum of products that many times more than necessary, causing weakness among women. So in Heels we seek the best experts in the area to know the tips on how to prevent its negative effects.

The first thing to consider is maintaining responsible for cosmetic use.
Few cases of women who resort to the dermatologist before applying new products on the skin. As said Carmen Sandoval, director of the School of Chemistry and Pharmacy at the U. Andrés Bello “Generally women use cosmetic products daily and measures are not metered, so be careful in this regard”.

Although industry in Chile is careful not to
use anything that could jeopardize the health of the people responsible party for home. Efficiently take care of the most sensitive areas of the body can be very easy, you just need to be constant in the use of specialized products.

Because look cute has no limits, cosmetics can flatter any woman, regardless of skin type she has.
Very important for
dry skin is hydration. Apply a pre nourishing and moisturizing cream makeup can help skin look good all day. To this effect, there are products of higher technology. They stimulate the natural lipid synthesis in the skin, characterized by a deficiency of “natural fat”.
: There are more sensitive than other skin. It can be determined by internal factors such as genetic or external factors such as habits (including food and smoking status).

oily skin should use products specifically for oily skin and / or imperfections, products must be free of oil and have mattifying action.
Combination of cosmetic products

Always before makeup should moisturize the skin and also should wear sunscreen.
Moisturizing products should be light and easy penetration. It is ideal containing FHN (Natural Moisturizing Factors). On the block, you should have a factor at least 20 and be appropriate to the type of skin not to let excess brightness. You should also have UVA and UVB.

In the body, there are various risk sectors on which to exercise more caution.
According to expert, the key to success in a cosmetic product is in Ph. The ideal is that it is not too alkaline, not cause side effects such as irritation and allergies to the skin.

The most sensitive parts of the face are the
eyelids and the contour of the eyes , because the thin dermis that characterizes them . In this case, it is advisable to use a special cream, with slide, soft and less harmful power.

armpits are also a sensitive area. For highly allergic and prone to the effects of cosmetic women, magnesia milk is a good choice: It aluminum hydroxide and neutralizing the pH of sweat.

Another area that may be affected by bad cosmetic use is the
scalp . The skin, which has a pH of 5 to 6, is not ready for dyes and bleaches. By applying this type of color, you can be cut links sulfide melamine, causing irritation in the area. This, being products containing a very alkaline pH (12).

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