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All about false eyelashes

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Hello everybody! False eyelashes are fashionable ! The catwalk, the red carpet and cosmetics firms have become the trend to wear a look of heart attack. Amplify the look , the wake up dramatically … Now take all versions : permanent, with extensions, with applicator, adhesive, to add volume or length. And they use all celebrities like Jessica Alba, Zooey Deschanel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Penelope Cruz. I tell you everything, everything that you too will join me in this trend in makeup:

Types to choose

– Individual : are loose tabs of different lengths and thicknesses. They have a more natural look than the strips or tufts but are difficult to use because they are designed to note that it is not worn. They are ideal for creating a natural, subtle look. The good news is that if you drop one, no one will notice that it is false.

– Groups:  These are groups of tabs of different lengths and joined at the base. It’s a simple way to get lashes look longer and voluminous. The bad is that it can be a little difficult to stick. Get revive a tired eyes by simply applying a few in the outer corner of the eyes.

– Strips:  They are generally false eyelashes of different lengths, attached to a long strip (can be cut into smaller fragments). Its application is easier than other types of tabs. The drawback is that not very convincing, especially when stuck in the corner of the eye. What you get with them is to look spectacular lashes. So you do not notice they are false strips can choose sparsely populated.

To achieve the effect of false eyelashes there are also  other tricks  and treatments that work. The  permanent  lasts about six weeks and increases its curvature dramatically and  dye  provides a durable color chart unmasked to say goodbye to smudge makeup. But  the newest  are  eyelash extensions  applied in minirramilletes and last  three weeks  or so. Its application adapts as your eye appearance to be safe.

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