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All about the Serum

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Cleanse, tone and moisturize seems very simple , but as we grow older, the skin requires more specific care and for this we have a

very complete product that we should not leave out of our daily beauty routine.


It is a cosmetic concentrate more powerful than a moisturizer active.
Its texture is usually lighter so that absorption is very fast. In addition, the penetration of

ingredients reach the deeper layers of the skin.


Skin from 30 years begins to show signs of aging and being more concentrated and reach the deeper layers of the skin, we
will improve the results of our

usual treatments.
Although not all are concentrated serum anti-aging. 

When buying a serum seeking advice and choose one adapted to the demands of your skin.
They may be to reaffirm, fight stains, restore luminosity, repairs sun damage, act

against dehydration, firm, illuminate, repair or anti-stain.

– Young skin with imperfections undergoing treatments that dry out

– Men who want to
soothe the irritation of shaving.

– Hides from 30 years to fight wrinkles caused by dehydration and to prevent aging. 

– Mature skin, for a luminous skin and denser.

– Skin with redness to soothe irritations.

– Skin exposed to sunlight for prolonged and repeatedly.


We must apply it
after cleaning the skin and always before moisturizer. Follow the instructions of each product, because they may vary, but between 2 and 4 drops usually suffice. Day and

night would be ideal but if you decide to
use it only once a day, better at night, when the cells regenerate.


There are very powerful serums and moisturizers and apply them
in the case of night, for certain very young or oily or combination skin, it might be enough. But for dry or older skin

should use nutritional treatments ‘stamped’ skin to retain much water as
possible. By day, in any case, because the serum does not contain protection factor and becomes



Sada Pharmacy can help you choose the right serum for your skin type, as
well as help at the time and the implementation process.

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