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All about your hair, the definitive guide: tricks, tips, myths, styles

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You know how many are actually Spanish blondes? Do you think that gray hair is genetic? Can you control the frizz? Discover the secrets of hair, your hair … We bring you the definitive guide to make it your first ally of beauty.

– The 5 Commandments of perfect drying:

1. Never rub your hair vigorously with a towel: frizz cause.

2. Do not use the dryer without first follow up with a heat shield, can achieve similar to those of the hair iron (and never plancharías unprotected hair, right?) Temperatures. 

3. Dry the roots first. And if you want volume, do it with your head upside down. Long let air dry. 

4. For the hairstyle, pick locks that are never greater than five centimeters. 

5. Keep the dryer always face away and about five centimeters of hair. 


– Ages to love your hair: 

● In childhood .. Because you’re too young for that you care.

● In adolescence … You have more volume, more shine and length of Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon. 

● At 20 … Before having children before chemical … Your hair is virgin! 

● At 30 … More confidence. You have finally accepted your curls. 

● At 40 … Have you divorced? Did you get to do what you please? 

● At 50 … you have the time (and the economy) to find your perfect look. 

● At 60 … radiate your own light. 

● More than 70 … Silver medal. 


– ‘Bad hair day’ (a bad day for your hair):

The term ‘bad hair day’ defines that day when your hair, whatever you do and you throw you throw at it, is indomitable. In the Anglo-Saxon world they are so clear that this phenomenon is as real (and insufferable) that the term appears in their dictionaries since 1991. 


– Worse wrinkles: 

Lose volume, thickness and gloss on hair but we are concerned the appearance of wrinkles. There are women who prefi Eren fatten that they spoil the hair, according to research by Yale University (USA). 


– The art of washing mane: 

It seems the simplest thing in the world and yet 75% of people do not do it correctly, says Rafael Artero, shampunier Pantene. If you go over the points that you develop then sure to find something you do wrong. 

1. Untangles dry before washing . Wet hair is more fragile and easily broken. 

2. moisten with water before soaping. 

3. Apply shampoo only on the roots, which is where the grease and dirt is deposited. Medium and long hair are cleaned well with the foam. 

4. Massage gently to emulsify everything. Do not rub hard, because you will alter the balance of the sebaceous glands. 

5. Is the correct order cleaning? Begins his temples, still at the nape, she passes the crown and then to the front. 

6. Rinse with plenty of water, better if lukewarm. 

7. Apply conditioner only means to ends: I’ll never give in roots because the greasiness. 

8. Rinse thoroughly. They do not have to be remnants or hair will not last clean. 


– Blondes are not happier: 

78% of the Spanish are brown, blonde 13%, 7% and 1% chestnuts Russet. Are you happy with your color? 

– Very happy: Gray / Silver: 50% Red / Mahogany 31% Rubio: 30% Moreno: 21% 

– Iinfelices: Rubio Moreno 20%: 18% Gray / Silver 17% Red / Mahogany: 12% 


– Three myths about the fall: 

Women are not bald remain: although not as common as male pattern baldness, there are also cases. 30% of the female population from 50 years lost between 20 and 30% of hair in the crown area. 

If you wash your hair lose much more hair : it’s just the opposite. In fact, if you wait a week to clean your hair will lose between 500 and 700 hair; if you do every two or three days, you lose less than half. And remove dead hair stimulates new growth. 

If you dye alder and you often lose hair before: no, if you care. What causes hair loss are extensions.


– Silver at the summit: 

While L’Oreal get that magic pill that will disappear from 2015, gray hairs remain an important factor in manes after a certain age. But why do they occur? The answer is given by Maria Castan, Wella global scientific expert.

● The natural hair contains natural pigments called melanin. Melanin is produced in the hair root by specialized cells called melanocytes, which produce our color. Cane or white hair occurs when melanocytes stop producing melanin. 

● The reason why cells stop producing melanin is a complex system is not yet known in depth, but we know that it is regulated genes. 

● It is true that, by starting a gray hair, going to grow. Each hair comes from a follicle, so if the cane is started can only be replaced by a hair to be born in the same follicle. 


– Handles well your oils: 

They are the holy grail hair. Fernando Gomez de la Paz, direct Kérastase Training, reveals its secrets: 

● As a treatment: perfect to soothe irritations. It also nourishes the skin and prevents peeling. 

● To condition: applied on wet hair means and ends (just five drops), it helps detangle. 

● As styling: to create natural waves with a curling iron or an iron. In addition, heat has the ability to seal the cuticle nutrients. 


– Types infamous … 

● Fine: it is the more fragile and tends to more easily lubricated, so need powerful shampoos and conditioners light. 

● Thickness: its structure absorbs more water and is more likely to be fosco and frizzy. 

● Smooth: to get any styling outside their usual way is essential to apply heat and even chemicals, so you have to take extra care to keep you healthy. 

● Curling: that twisted growth produces weaknesses in the fibers that make lose moisture, so it requires extra nutrition. 


– Mask: Manual: 

● covers the hair with a towel 10 min. 

● If you want the best hair impregnate assets, use the dryer hot towel over mode. 

● Leave the mask a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 20. 

● Note that if you let it act all night, no way to get much volume. 


– Six iconic hairstyles of the past 100 years: 

They are manes and cuts that have defined generations of women. They were the pioneers show off. 

1. ‘bob’ smooth Louise Brooks

Her hair helmet on black raven was the look of the 20s Fifty years later, Liza Minelli was inspired by her to create her character Sally Bowles in Cabaret. 

2. The ‘Pixie’ Twiggy and Farrow

Leonard created the first in London in 1966. It took eight hours to get the perfect color and style. The second dates from 1968 and had always been attributed to Vidal Sassoon because that explains the character of Mia Farrow, Rosemary, in the legendary film Rosemary’s Baby. But the actress said last year The New York Times that, in fact, the court had done it herself and that the explanation was part of the novel on which the film and the script is based. 

3. The ‘messy’ Brigitte Bardot  

The first time the perfect hair longer the goal is when women are in love with the mane of French actress in 1965. With a volume that seemed created on the pillow after a night of revelry and fl equillo extra long. 

4. ‘bouffant’ Jackie Kenedy

It invented his barber, Kenneth Battelle, and is carded below to create an artificial volume above the crown. He is heir to the pouf pompadour hairstyles and XVIII, of the French aristocracy. 

5. The ‘flip’ to Farrah Fawcett layers.

 strategically cut to frame her face and combed round brush both sides of her hair long and dynamics were meant to behave like feathers in the wind, according to its creator, the hairdresser Allen Edwards. 

6. The ‘Rachel’ of Jennifer Aniston 

He made his television debut in 1995 and swept the hair salons around the globe. With volume at the crown and longer layers in front, Aniston confessed later that it was horrible.


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