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Allergy in the face: the cause could be in the products you use

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Women always want to be beautiful and radiant skin to feel good about ourselves, and we are constantly innovating and throwing in the face everything that goes out on the road. Overuse of makeup , shampoo and / or soaps may be the cause of having allergies in the face , what experts call contact dermatitis .
Contact dermatitis or skin inflammation, is a reaction that occurs from exposure to allergens and which is mainly in the surface layer of the skin , lingering some days to disappear. Maria Soledad Aspillaga, dermatologist in the German Clinic , says“Most times that gives allergy face is by external contact factors, which are for example creams, makeup , hair dyes, bases, makeup removers and therefore is more common in women than in mens”.
The main symptoms that a person with an allergy on the face are itching, redness or swelling of the skin, sensitivity, rash and facial injuries.

It may often be difficult to
know what is causing allergy. Dermatologist says that
“one with the story manages to get what is the cause why you have allergy on the face , the last thing you said, the last thing changed, or the last thing began.” If after this, is unable to know the cause, this is where you should study the case.

One way to do this
is called
“patch test” or Prick test , a test that reveals whether there is any sensitization to certain allergens. “With this one can know specifically what you are allergic , can bring yourself what daily uses such as makeup or creams, patches and get back after 48 hours will know the result” .  To perform this test is very important to consult a dermatologist before and suspend one week in advance using these allergens.
1. Banana and cucumber: According to the expert in natural remedies, Jethro Kloss a mask banana with cucumber is very good for reducing itching and red skin. Half a banana and a cucumber is needed and then liquefy until it looks like a cream.
2. Green Tea: Green tea has properties that help block certain components that trigger allergies so we can fight them to prevent allergy not only in the face but the whole body.

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