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Allergy to the cold: place an ice cube to detect it – Pharmacy Post – Todo Dermo

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Detect allergy to the cold, a rare disorder, but very annoying for those who suffer, it is as curious as exposing the skin to an ice cube for about five minutes to see if a reaction occurs. José Barrio, a dermatologist at the Central Hospital of San José Red Cross and Santa Adela Barrio says: ” if you have allergy to the cold, not only the area redden, but will hives .” It also has to take into account medical history preceded and the patient ‘s history, since this type of urticaria can have a substantial genetic component.

In some case, wait to see if reaction occurs because, “this does not occur immediately, but arises when the body recovers heat to about 30 minutes and disappears at 24 hours maximum exposure to low temperature “according to the dermatologist.

  • Personal hygiene products should never be cold

In any case, Beatriz Veleira, of the Spanish Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC), points out that the severity of illness “varies patients, so it is important to know in each case the threshold temperature that induces symptoms and time contact with the cold needed to provoke, in order to implement the measures appropriate to each patient. “

SMALL OR dire consequences
diagnose this disease is important, because it may cause, as noted SEAIC an anaphylaxis . It is very common for this to happen, but is likely to occur in situations of sudden exposure to cold, as produced to jump into a pool at once.

As normal, however, it is ” the appearance of wheals or welts on the skin that comes into contact with the cold, especially in the forearms, face or back of the hands. May also appear elsewhere in the body , “explains Javier Pedraz, the Department of Dermatology at University Hospital Quirón , Madrid. “Still, it is a rare condition with a low incidence is not seen frequently or in the winter months , ” adds Quarter.

The used treatment are antihistamines, but “besides these no topical products that treat the disease except warm” adds Veleiro. However, it advises a good hydration and “protect the most exposed areas to cold, such as the face and hands with gloves, hats and scarves, although these actions do not always manage to avoid the appearance of hives.”

An important tip. The personal hygiene products should never be cold and even, depending on the severity of symptoms, it may be necessary to tune them before applying them “, explains Pedraz. Also “it is important not to administer treatment Parenteral directly from the refrigerator (vaccines, serums …) but must first tune them , and not to use certain techniques, such as cryotherapy.”

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