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Almirall launches two new products to repair skin lesions – Correo Farmacéutico

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company Almirall announced the launch of 
Blastofilm and Blastouronic , two products that

are incorporated into its range of solutions to protect and repair lesions of the

skin, providing the pharmacy specific care for both attacks and

superficial lesions affecting the epidermis, as for those more

deeply affecting the dermis.


noted Jordi Dominguez, head of Institutional Relations and Communication

Almirall Spain, “the launch of these two new products reinforces

our range
Blasto and reflects the commitment of Almirall to make

available to pharmacists and patients our expertise in

dermo-repair and offer innovative therapeutic solutions to

improve the quality of life of people “.

About Blastofilm , from the company

they have explained that it is a liquid dressing that protects and reduces

effectively the visibility of scars and discomfort involving,

restoring and improving the aesthetic appearance.
Thanks to its formula developed

with technology
Filmogel , promotes healing of wounds,

preventing its reopening, protecting them
from external aggressions, reducing

the appearance of scabs and irregularities and respecting sensitive skins.

It also helps prevent hyperpigmentation and protects from damage caused

by ultraviolet rays thanks to SPF20.

WATER protects and insulates
also noted that is comprised of a cellulose derivative which protects and

insulates the water, bacteria and abrasion, castor oil allowing oxygenation

of the skin, and organic sunscreens.
It is particularly suitable for

application in skin lesions healing phase after

dermatologic interventions (excisions, sutures, surface cryotherapy,

etc.) and small closed wounds (cuts, incisions or scratches).

The product is ready to implement and

reuse, with a package solution with an integrated brush with the cap

allows the application easily and evenly to cover the scar and

its surroundings.
Blastofilm dries quickly

and forms a clear, comfortable, waterproof film.

Blastouronic underline from Almirall is a cream formulated with

specific ingredients, hyaluronic acid, BioEcolia, allantoin and

glycerin which acts as a
restorative post medical-aesthetic treatments

providing a soothing effect against tightness and itching,

also acts as repairer epidermis helping to improve the appearance of

damaged skin, ensures optimal hydration, barrier strengthening

natural defenses of the skin and improving skin elasticity and flexibility.

Thanks to its SFP30, it prevents hyperpigmentation and protects against
the rays


It is

especially useful in cases of superficial skin aggression phase

regeneration by various factors such as post dermatological treatments

(peeling, laser, surface electrocoagulation, dermabrasion, waxing and

tattoos) and skin disorders (skin irritation, redness and abrasions).

presentation shaped tube cannula allows precise application

product, and its smooth, soft and non –
greasy texture, easy to spread and

quick absorption.

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