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Ammonia is not the only harmful and irritant hair dyes. In fact, “there are more allergies to certain types of families ammonia dyes,” says Josep Antoni López CF, the Department of R & D Farmatint.

Specifically, paraphenylenediamine (PPD), the paratoluendiamina (TD), the pigment precursors, which when oxidized produce color, and resorcinol or derivatives thereof, which are used to fix the color, are primarily responsible for many allergies produced by dyes according Rebecca Cebrian, Community pharmaceutical Marro in pharmacy, in Zaragoza, and dermo expert.

The reactions that can produce these substances are ” from the most minor skin irritations, such as itchiness and redness, even the most serious , such as respiratory problems and metabolic disorders that can lead a person to the hospital , ” although he qualifies, “today they are very rare. ” “Most often adds Cebrián- is that ocular, nasal or throat irritation develops.” According to the pharmaceutical, “sometimes the reaction does not occur in the first application but later”.

To avoid these skin disorders arising from the use of hair dyes, experts advise not only perform an allergy test beforehand, but choosing the most skin friendly dyes. In this regard, the expert Farmatint recommended products “with very low or nonexistent ammonia level and those precursors very pure color, and conditioners, softeners protectors and active to return the level of normal skin pH”.

Coloring one at most once a month also minimizes the risks, “although there are people who are dyed before without any problems , ” notes Josep Antoni López. “What should not be done is dyed twice in three days, for example, because it does not give enough time to the skin of the scalp to regain the hydrolipidic, which acts as a natural protection.” In the event that necessary, Barrau advised that if there are many gray hairs “could only be dyed roots, waiting at least fifteen days”.

On the above dye care, Josep Antoni Lopez points to be verified that ” there is no wound in the application, or severe episodes of psoriasis or other conditions “. After the application, the pharmaceutical Zaragoza protective treatments mentions that “usually come with dyes to” nourish the hair fiber in depth and give the hair shine and vitality. “

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