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Andropause, male skin care

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Now that winter is approaching, it is very important to care for the skin. At this time of year and dehydrated skin it tends to be drier and more sensitive. Skin care are more important as this age because their regeneration capacity is less.

Notably less known effect of age on the
skin of men . From the quarantine, the male body may be suffering a process called andropause . This stage of the life of man is defined to be something very similar to the concept of male menopause.

andropause, Also called androgenic deficit associated with age, is the set of related to decreased secretion of testosterone in men symptoms. This process can start from 45 years old.

While you may have similarities with menopause, it is true, there are differences like that does not happen to all men and often occurs suddenly, after 40 years.

To determine and confirm their diagnosis, specialists are based on determinations of
testosterone in  whole or in bioavailable testosterone. However, it is worth noting that progressive reduction is a physiological process. Therefore, it is estimated that total testosterone decreases 1% per year after 30 years.

There are
many symptoms associated with andropause, such as decreased libido, erection disorders, the tendency to weight gain, the mood disorder (depression, irritability), fatigue and osteoporosis.

As to the skin , the androgens (testosterone) involved in the growth of sebaceous glands and sebum production and induce the growth of hair follicles in specific areas (beard, armpits and pubic). However, in areas associated with hair the anagen phase hair loss and baldness. Also actively involved in modulating the thickness of the dermis, responsible for cell skin regeneration.

Therefore, the decrease in testosterone production causes more wrinkles and sagging appear.
Decreasing sebum, the skin tends to be drier.

Although there is
much controversy about the effect of androgens on hair loss, it is important to remember that heredity determines its evolution, although it is true that widely body hair decreases the effect of reducing testosterone.
Affected individuals have an androgen deficiency greater desquamation and lesions present bias sensitivity.
The recommendations for skin care that we propose are:

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