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¿We thought that acne was a youth problem? Every day we see no … this patient profile is very common in the pharmacy, women aged around 40 years and suffering from adult acne ; hormonal changes, stress, eating disorders … are factors that trigger acne breakouts at this age.

Pharmacological treatment with retinoids and benzoyl peroxide together with antiacne cosmetics serve to eliminate and avoid the appearance of new acne lesions and normalizing processes that trigger such as sebaceous hypersecretion, keratinization and bacterial growth, but also decrease the water retention capacity of our skin resulting in a slightly dehydrated and therefore more sensitive, less elastic and more prone to wrinkles and skin lines.

Generally, patients with this skin type tend to be more reluctant to use moisturizers and anti – aging products for fear of the appearance of new lesions. Moisturize, maintain a state of comfort and prevent signs of aging is possible if we choose the right products.

The mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid with antiaging action and comparable to glycolic acid benefits, however its molecular size is larger so penetrates more slowly into the skin and is oriented to sensitive skin . The Mandelac laboratory Sesderma line also contains this active, Aloe Vera (Anti – inflammatory, regenerating and soothing), chlorhexidine digluconate (antiseptic and antimicrobial), chamomile extract (soothing), mulberry extract (anti – inflammatory and astringent) and retinol (antiaging ) among others, therefore it seems a cosmetic anti – aging treatment very oriented acnéicas sensitized skins and drug treatment being carried out.

The azelaic acid is an active regulator antiaging keratinization seborregulador, antiinflammatory and depigmentation . Therefore we recommend in formulations suitable for (non – comedogenic, oil – free …) acnéicas skins, for example moisturizer Azelac Sesderma laboratories.

It is important to combine these with other antiaging actives that help attract and retain water in the skin thereby improving the hydration and consequently the elasticity and turgor of the skin. These assets are proteoglycans , for this type of skin is recommended blisters Proteoglycans Martiderm Liposomes and hyaluronic acid formulations such as light the serum Hydraphase Intense of La Roche Posay.

The patient can complete the treatment with a mask once a week or as tolerated. We can recommend the mask Pure Mask of Martiderm, because apart from cleaning the pores and regulate sebum secretion, also hydrates and firms the skin. Very important to remember that causes the photosensitizing drug treatment being carried out, always recommend photoprotection and, as far as possible, fotoevitación.

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