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Antiestrías: twice a day and after the shower, the golden rule – Pharmacy Mail – Todo Dermo

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As important as the selection of anti-stretch mark creams assets is its proper application. “The best way is to use them at an early stage of pregnancy and apply twice daily with a gentle circular massage increase local microcirculation,” said Antonio Torres, member of the COF Dermopharmacy La Coruna.

Moreover, it notes that many of these products “have a creamy texture that favors prolonged massage effect , which enhances the penetration of active”.

The best time to apply it after showering, as it is when the skin is more receptive (the pores are clean and dilated), extending the product well for all areas that are more susceptible to stretch marks : belly, thighs and chest mainly.

“In the pharmacy creams are specific to each of these areas anti-stretch. It is also important to continue to use these products after delivery, “said José Manuel Miquel, member of Dermopharmacy the COF of Alicante.

Selected assets and applied correctly, another effective measure is sunscreen, experts say . Therefore, the pharmaceutical board should not ignore insist that pregnant “avoid exposure to direct sunlight and use appropriate sunscreen , ” said Candy Losa, member of Dermopharmacy the COF of Guipúzcoa.

“Once in -continued- home and also after leaving the shower, it is abundantly buenoaplicar a good postsolar cream”.

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