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Application of wrinkle fillers – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Cosmetic fillers or filler , are recommended from age 30 , when the skin fails to generate the necessary collagen and begin to appear the first lines.

Most fillers, are formulated with particles and microscopic spheres with hyaluronic acid encapsulated low and high molecular weight , which upon contact with the skin increase in size and act as “filler” wrinkles. They can also lead as active vitamin C, which activates the formation of collagen and retinol and our peptides.

Many of these creams or serums are presented on devices with pencil-pipette, for greater accuracy.

The first step is to apply a small amount of wrinkle filler only in areas to be treated ( eye contour wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, lip borders or grin) with finger or applicator to bring the product, in this case, the applicator must be placed directly on the skin.

You have to make a stimulating massage or flick to improve circulation in the area, natural sense of wrinkle.

Then it is important to leave the relaxed face without gesticulating at least a few minutes.

In what order should be applied in a daily routine?

It is important to use the wrinkle filler before makeup morning after sérum , once applied, the product ‘swells’ skin inside filling and releasing the wrinkle giving a smoother the skin surface appearance.

Can also be used at night , in the furrows of wrinkles in this case would be that in addition to hyaluronic contain retinol is its composition. The next day it shall be recommended sun protection.

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