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Are you tanned? Then your makeup needs some changes

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And finally lights in your face that sunny tone you’ve got with care and dedication and giving you that healthy look so flattering. So far so good; Of course, this change alters the rules of the game. It is logical that being tanned face can not disguise as usual.

Touch modify the colors and modular doses so that they adapt to the new situation. In mujerhoy.com you have the best tricks to make the most of a tanned skin.

The advantage is that you will not need a makeup as elaborate as when you have your natural color.
Mainly you have to determine your type tanning, because all skins do not acquire the same color by the effects of sunlight, imagine the difference as skin, for example, Naomi Watts compared tans than it does Jessica Alba nothing to do !. 

For those who have the great good fortune to have olive skin and acquire an intense bronzing in a few days the good news is that with just draw the lash line in black, take a dab of mascara and some blush on cheeks to finish with a gloss of color that can range from nude to red, are simply fabulous.

But the vast majority of women have to be
worked tanning step, so your skin happens very moving times, going toasted gradually gaining need to go conforming to the different tonalities -of least more- by going through your skin.

Watch out for the corrector !. One of the dangers of makeup when you’re tanned is the use of concealer / illuminator. You need to avoid excessive contrast and remains artificial, but do not need to throw those who regularly use, if you apply exactly the dark area of ​​ojera and blending away will be well worth the same as always. 


For starters, the drawback of being tanned is that it is much easier than the skin look shiny and oily appearance to some extent caused by the daily use of sunscreen skin; an aspect that is compounded if already you tend to have oily or combination skin. Therefore it is desirable to set aside the liquid foundation that were using and replace a powder to avoid this unpleasant effect. A good idea is to opt for mineral powders calendered skin and act as siccatives excess sebum avoiding glare. 


better to choose creamy texture to prevent cuarteen in tiny folds of the eyelids. The tones in green water or azulones look great on toast skins by offering a contrast of color, they really get a great combination that is great for the day to bring joy. Remember to keep the area well lit tear to extend the look. But at night you can wear a more sophisticated look with intense smoky with black mixed with dark beige and gray tones. Spend a brush to melt and get a fantastic makeup.


The pink or orange colors are discarded and texture powder. Blush, like eye shadows, cream best and the most flattering shades for tanned skins are peach, coral and terracottas; and bronzes to bring more light to the face at night or party makeup .. Apply at the top of the cheekbones with fingertips as the heat of the hands allows evenly spread and is best set in skin. Bet bright textures rather than kill.

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