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Asun Parra: “No woman should sacrifice her beauty and personality for a fashion”

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Although since childhood Asuncion Parra I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, his first professional steps gave the modeling. However, when several years ago he was offered to direct and implement a cosmetics firm in Spain, our expert began making his dream come true. And it is of the opinion that “everything you set out to win enough, you can get”.

Since then, it ‘s been fifteen years, and career successes Asun in the sector of the beauty of our country, have made him fend for many the nickname Guru and space of blogs tuglow.com , Asun Parra is also the founder of the school of professional makeup Elite Make Up , the main chain in its sector in Spain, and Elite ProThe company first specialized courses remotely beauty and fashion.

– Many people will considered a makeup guru, what do you base to dictate the trends that are going to take in the coming seasons?

I do not dictate trends, rather the I translate. I see what you get, I try it on myself, on my team, I look at the different women I see in the street, and translate. I translate for women to use new techniques without having to be professional, but never sacrificing the beauty and personality of each one fashion or trend.

– Sermons by example or are the type who always goes with the “face wash”?

My mission is always put as an example, that is, do not talk about a product, technology or fashion if I have not tried myself or one of my team. I love my makeup for me is part of my personal care, an accessory my image. I almost always made up, except Sunday which is the day of rest. Also, when I write my newsletters, often I’m telling what I’ll do that weekend and how I’m going to makeup or dress in order to inspire and give ideas to my subscribers. Other often ask me questions and I write about it, but always from my experience.

– Your friends and family, do you are guided by your experience or ignore your advice?

Usually they ask me and trust my advice. My mother, for example, is one of my most enthusiastic subscribers: follow the advice and tells me that work best. My friends usually assume that I will give them advice on makeup or a look, so I usually listen to me. When you meet someone, it is easier still advise you about your image, because for me it is important to always respect the personality of the person and make the best of herself. So I try to meet my subscribers to the fullest, to adapt to your personality.

– In your blog you say that makeup should be harnessed and used to have fun. Are there miracles or even the monkey in silk … ?

I have seen real changes with makeup. I am of the opinion that everyone has something nice, maybe it is the skin, eyelashes … The important thing is highlight!

– Is makeup a mask behind which we hide or a bright poster that highlights how great we are?

For me, it is definitely a tool to be harnessed. In fact, I think it’s the perfect tool to enhance whatever you have beautiful, whether skin, eyes, cheeks or eyelashes. Makeup is the perfect place to help you easily find your strengths and empower ally.

– What is the key to always radiant?

Pamper yourself inside, a healthy and balanced diet, exercise, rest, love each other a little more each day, pamper yourself and get ready to be more comfortable with ourselves. All this without obsessing, of course. That’s my philosophy of beauty, which helps you to be radiant always, take care of yourself inside without descuidarte out. When you feel good about yourself, it shows on the outside.

– Is there a kind of makeup for every woman or there is a universal gimmick that serves everyone?

There are universal tricks, of course. But the most important thing is that when you wear makeup, you feel comfortable with yourself. It makes no sense to carry a smoky eye if you feel uncomfortable with the look. It is important to learn to know oneself, to know the personality traits empower them to know. That’s why our courses see the need to teach from scratch: from how to identify your features to choosing any product, not just teach create a look or take a trick or another.

– What tips would you give to all those women who do not wear makeup for lack of time? Is the lack of time the great enemy of female beauty?

I think yes, sometimes going so fast that we do not stop or finish a few minutes to make do . Makeup to go to work should only take five minutes, and the difference is large. With a little foundation, quick brown pencil stroke on top lashes, mascara, a touch of pink blush, a little shine and a touch of concealer illuminator, you’re ready for anything.

– What must never be lacking in the face of a woman when she manage?

Concealer. It can be used to correct imperfections or highlight the features. If I had to choose one product to disguise someone or myself, would that.

– And finally, what are the must – haves this season are?

For winter, golden colors and lands are very flattering for the day. I love the smoky eye for night, combined with a touch of color like turquoise or navy. Skin very bright and radiant, always highlighting and marking the cheekbone in pink shades for day and night oranges.

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