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At night: Alpha-Peeling ampoules

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How many of you have asked you what the difference between the blisters proteoglycan of Martiderm and that blister carries in his case a crescent drawn? Well do not worry, because today we are going to tell him.

It is very important to
note that the time of day just
before going to sleep is essential for our skin. It is precisely when we should pay more attention to skin care .

Our body makes certain hormonal systems are activated during those hours before the break to start a
process of regeneration and cell repair . If you want to know more, in one of our last post we talked about the importance of night skin care.

As we
mentioned at the beginning, blisters with crescent are the
Alfa-Peeling . Obviously, as shown in the drawing, they are nighttime use. The reason? They help us toremove dead cells during sleep due to a soft-peeling . Thus, when we wake up, we wake with a softer, smoother skin and bright .

Our Alfa-Peeling blisters containing 10% alpha-hydroxy acids from fruit, to help us
renew our skin and achieve a younger and healthier appearance. This type of ingredients used regularly, they get corrected and diminish imperfections: large pores, marks acne , wrinkles and fine lines, and even unify the tone. But besides renewing itself, together with hyaluronic acid and collagen marine containing our formula, working hydrating and favoring a very effective firming action.

Perhaps at this point you’re wondering how to
use them. However, for
effective treatment , applied 1/2 blister on the face, neck and chest, after the daily cleaning and use of eye contour . Once absorbed, we can apply the product we use regularly, either serum or night cream.

The frequency of use of this blister will differ according to
the needs of each person can be applied daily, in the case of hides most in need of regeneration, or in a timely manner, if they are
more sensitive skin or sensitive.

Its free base oils makes it
a suitable product for all skin types, from
dry to fat . Its light and easily absorbed texture ensures that this new step in our daily routine before going to bed is quick and easy.

The best time of year to use it during the winter months, although you can use them
summer . Yes, apply yourself you must not forget sunscreen every morning. As intensive treatment, we can combine the Alfa-Peeling blisters night, along with blisters proteoglycan morning. In this way, we will achieve a greater effect and glowing skin from day one .

So today, when you go to sleep, what will you do?
First of all, do not forget that a good rest is vital to the health of your skin. In one of our post we discussed what was the function of sleep for healthy skin. If you are interested, you can read it
by clicking here.

Today we’ve talked about our more nocturnal blisters.
Remember that prevention is the best remedy. If you want to know more secrets and treatments with our blisters, do not stop visiting the blog. Be aware!

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