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Atopic dermatitis: 20 tips to treat it

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The atopic dermatitis is a disease which causes skin lesions. It is estimated that between two and 20 percent of children had some degree of atopic dermatitis during infancy.

It is linked to the immune system and is caused by an imbalance in the cells of the skin against environmental factors such as temperature extremes, dust or sweat. With a strong hereditary component, also it has the highest incidence in the wettest cities. 

Its causes are unknown and there is also no generalized treatment that fits all children, so the solution must be individualized in each case and parents should be patient until you find what is best for your little one .

Causing skin lesions of atopic dermatitis are accompanied by intense itching so this is one of the first symptoms to be tackled so that children are not scratched causing injuries and possible infections. 

With proper pediatric advice, parents should gradually introduce guidelines to find their children more fit. In addition, treatment with creams containing corticosteroids should be made only following the prescription. 

Atopic dermatitis tends to disappear or improve significantly in most cases though you can not accurately predict the evolution of each patient. Thus, about 50 percent of cases initiated in infancy, are cured by the age of two or three years, and more than 90 percent in puberty

While atopic dermatitis is not a dangerous pathology itself it is complex and annoying, so you can alter both children and their parents who are powerless unable to help their children. That offer 20 tips listed in the guide ‘Atopic dermatitis in children. Practical advice ‘, prepared by the Division of Allergy and Immunology, Department of Pediatrics at the University’ La Sapienza ‘in Rome and supervised in its edition in Spanish by Dr. Antonio Basomba, University Hospital La Fe in Valencia.

1. If the child is nursing, the mother can withdraw from your diet cow’s milk and its derivatives, as well as eggs for two or three weeks. If no change does not occur in lesions, you can resume normal diet.

2.  Check the itching in any case so that the child does not suffer and do not scratch. The doctor may advise on the use of antihistamines.

3.  Keep nails short children and clean as possible to reduce the chance of infection and inflammation.

4.  Avoid scented soaps and use soap – free cleansing oils. Change diapers frequently.

5.  Moisturize the skin with creams and do not use petroleum jelly on the skin colonies.

6. Do not bathe the child frequently. One bath a day is enough and better if a shower. In fact, young children can bathe every other day . When not rub dry with a towel.

7. Use as much as possible white cotton clothes 100 percent , especially in contact with the patient’s skin. Avoid wool or synthetic fibers such as nylon.

8. Washing clothes with non-irritating soap and rinse thoroughly to remove any soap.

9. Reduce the causes of excessive sweating like clothes.

10.  Avoid extreme temperatures whenever possible. The sobrecaldeados or too cold environments are harmful to this type of skin.

11. Avoid sudden temperature changes.

12. Be aware of secondary infections that may occur and handled following the doctor’s advice.

13. Eliminate the causes of stress.

14. To facilitate nighttime sleep and rest periods during the day.

15. When the children are older can distract them with physical activities and games to divert the attention of the dermatitis.

16. Preventing the use of clay, chalk and crayons.

17. Avoid contact with people who have herpes simplex.

18.  Avoid smoke snuff.

19.  Eliminate environmental allergens and maintain hygiene restricting the use of soft toys or carpets.

20.  The gradual sun and sea water exposure is beneficial. However, if suppuration or infection must avoid the sand. 

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