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Atopic dermatitis and acne – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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The first and most important from the community pharmacy is to conduct a situation analysis , ask for their health problems:
gynecological history, medications you are taking (AO) or have taken and nutritional habits (type of food, if you are overweight or obese). Ask if atopic dermatitis was diagnosed by specialist before use Tretinoin oy if abruptly appeared as a side effect of taking this drug. Also explain that, if you have been treated with isotretinoin acne keeps coming back and may indicate the existence of an underlying hormonal disorder, which has also not solved with contraception.

My advice here is to derive the dermatologist for a new hormonal drug treatment and new analytical.

You can advise a daily care routine:
facial hygiene: cleaner without non – irritating gel as soap line SVR Sebiclear contains a polyhydroxy gluconolactone with antiinflammatory and keratolytic action, but with great tolerance. In addition to niacinamide for antibacterial and seboreguladora effectiveness. Both in good to act on all types of acne skin respecting concentrations.

Day: one mattifying moisturizing, soothing as Active Sebiclear with a 14% gluconolactone. And if it does not accept gluconolactone to 14%, down 4% with Sebiclear Hydra, the POH also contains omega – 6.

Sunscreen:  Sebiclear SPF 50 or fotomaquillaje or il-free or BB specified with SPF 30. I would not recommend going to use makeup.

Night: cleaning with a micellar solution Sebium  of Bioderma or the same gel cleanser Sebiclear and try to use papules and pustules on a cosmetic containing retinaldehyde as Triacneal Expert Avene.

Once a week, a mask as Cleanance Mask Exfoliating Mask because it is soothing, exfoliating and seboreguladora.

As a nutritional supplement, it can help you out a myo-inositol prepared, which gives good results in hormonal acne, and, being natural, no side effects.

Last but not least, advise a balanced diet with low glycemic index, and zero exercise stress (skin contains receptors for the stress hormone).


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