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Atopic dermatitis – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Atopic dermatitis is a pruritic chronic inflammation in the outer layers of the skin. Patients suffering from this disease often a family history of allergic reactions include eczema, allergic rhinitis or asma.Las people with this condition usually have other allergic manifestations. His relationship with dermatitis is unclear. In addition, some patients may tengtan hereditary disposition to produce an amount of excess antibodies to different stimuli (as immunoglobulin E).

CAUSES Atopic Dermatitis
Several studies point to eggs, cow ‘s milk and peanuts, especially in young children as a cause of this skin disease. They have discovered a new point of IgE binding to Staphylococcus aureus.

  • Atopic dermatitis can produce such intense itching that results in emotional disorders

The interaction of staphylococcal antigen specific anti – staphylococcal antibodies and may lead to the release of mast cells, resulting in itching and dermatitis worse. For patients with this disease (rhinitis or asthma without allergic) you can discover circulating reaginas against common allergens.

Sometimes, the pathology in question blooms in the early months of the baby. These can manifest red, exudative, crusted lesions on the face, hair, diaper area and extremities. Usually, symptoms disappear within 3 or 4 years, although usually appear again.

These symptoms are very intense and prolonged itching resulting in many cases, to emotional disorders . Lesions are found on the face, neck and waist. Also on elbows and knees. In children the lesions are dry and leathery, while adults are typical Hypopigmented and distribution. On the other hand, although the reasons are not known, patients of the condition of prolonged course sometimes develop cataracts between 20 and 30 years.

The diagnosis is clinical . They can also influence these aspects: family history, white dermografismo late to cholinergic agents or bleaching, reactivity to skin tests, posterior subcapsular cataracts or above.

Likewise, you may suspect atopic dermatitis if they match four or more of the following problems: palms with histiosis, Hyperlinear or xerosis, keratosis pilaris, keratoconus, Pityriasis alba, increased serum IgE, infraorbital folds of Dennie-Morgan, susceptibility to hand dermatitis and tendency to skin infections.

Atopic dermatitis has no cure, although there are elements that improve symptoms . First not to have contact with irritating substances known to prevent skin reactions. Therapeutic treatments are generic and not generally required hospitalization. In severe cases it may be required and in these situations, systemic corticosteroid therapy is used. Also the use of antibiotics is recommended.


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