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Atopic dermatitis: tips to minimize itching and sprouts – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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The atopic dermatitis is a disease characterized by dryness of the skin, the appearance of lesions of redness and swelling and peeling plates with intense itching. The itching or pruritus are the main problems of this disease which causes scratching the child or adult, starting the vicious circle of cause increased skin irritation, aggravating injuries and the risk of superinfection.

  • Patients tend to support their symptoms and throw in the towel

The consequence is that 89 percent of patients with atopic dermatitis feel powerless against their disease, 78.4 percent irritable by symptoms, and 70 percent tired and sad at the impact on your life, as reflected in a study by the Association of Relatives and Atopic Dermatitis patients . Besides a 81 percent is concerned about their appearance since their skin is imperfect. These data are collected in the Datop study on atopic dermatitis from the patient’s perspective made 125 minors and 116 adults Spanish for 30 dermatologists from different regions of Spain.

“It affects a lot in his life. First, symptoms, because the skin itches, hurts and this makes them suffer . And second, the visible aspect of the disease stigmatizes them and affects their self – esteem , “explains CF Antonio. Torrelo, head of Dermatology Hospital Infant Jesus of Madrid. “Also, sometimes you can not do certain activities because your skin does not. For example, they may have some sort of restriction for sports or exercise. And not being able to do it frustrates them. Your skin conditions them life. ” And according to the survey, to 80 percent of patients are limited leisure , 60 percent social activities and 37 percent makes you feel uncomfortable at work or at school.

  • They are beginning to see some of the possible causes of atopic dermatitis

The impact is also very important in children . In fact, chronic disease is the most common skin in children, who often have an average of five outbreaks of symptoms per year, each lasting about 18 days. “An eight or nine years with this problem at school may have feelings of inferiority or shame. May even feel rejected by their peers , “says the specialist.

The most common triggers of outbreaks, and to which patients need to be alert, they are so everyday aspects of life as “the toiletries and personal grooming, clothing, presence of mites or dust in the domestic environment, sudden changes in temperature and stress, plus some foods in those suffering the known atopic march (atopic dermatitis, food allergy and rhinoconjunctivitis). For example, now with the arrival of autumn, the cold and the use of heating, increases the occurrence of outbreaks in atopic dermatitis , “reports Torrelo.

The recommendations must be taken to have controlled the disease and avoid as far as possible the onset of symptoms include several aspects, starting with the skin hydration and use of moisturizers and emollients. And is that “atopic skin is unprotected skin, so hygiene and daily hydration with specific products that reduce the possibility of superinfection is essential , ” says the expert.

In addition, doctors insist on the correct application of topical drug treatment when the outbreak appears as maintenance for subclinical inflammation of the skin, using appropriate cleaning agents or soaps and follow the recommendations in food.

” It is very important early treatment of outbreaks, because if you react quickly evolution is much better , ” says Torrelo. However, he admits that many patients despite having outbreaks slow to start treatment and that they often know what they have to do. “We believe that in atopic dermatitis, and other chronic diseases, patients tend to support their symptoms and throw in the towel , thinking it can not fix. It’s a feeling of abandonment or suffer a conviction “. This leads experts to say that the degree of current control of atopic dermatitis is still improvable. “Patients need to realize we need the important collaboration of themselves so that control is achieved , ” says the specialist.

occasion of the World Day of Atopic Dermatitis , from the Association of Relatives and Atopic Dermatitis patients insist that it is essential that further research into the causes and treatment of symptoms. “It ‘s the most that we can hope until a cure is not found , ” says the president of the association, Rosana Costales.

In this sense, they are beginning to see some of the possible causes which would cause the appearance of atopic dermatitis, as mutation of a gene important skin, filaggrin. This mutation causes alterations in the formation of the structure of the skin barrier, so that water is lost through altered skin and also irritants (such as dust or sweat or chemical elements such as nickel and chrome) may penetrate the epidermis and cause skin inflammation. “This mutation causes a defect in the skin barrier. This is the line of most current research. Although it will still happen long before this research can be translated as specific therapies for patients , “confirms Torrelo.

Meanwhile, specialists convey a message of hope: “l atopic dermatitis can be controlled and can be treated . Skin care must be adjusted to the needs of each person, avoiding triggers, follow the treatments prescribed by the doctor and trust the experts , “says the head of Dermatology Department of Hospital Infant Jesus of Madrid.

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