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Autumn, good season to eliminate sunspots – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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The removal of skin blemishes is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation in dermatology, especially during the fall, experts say the Vithas Dermatological Institute . The progressive reduction in the intensity of sunlight as well as daylight hours make this season the right time to eliminate this problem.

The doctor Pedro Jaén, head of the Dermatological Institute of Vithas International says that “after the summer sun exposure is common stains intensify, so these months are a good time to treat them, especially at the lower intensity of ultraviolet radiation “.

Lentigines and melasma, the most common

He says the specialist, the lentigos “are small spots that appear on sun exposure throughout life and do not refer themselves and are usually located on the face, neck, back of hands and legs. In the case of melasma , it is a type of hormonal spot appearing in pregnant women and women of childbearing age but can also affect men to a lesser extent, appearing spots on the face, especially cheeks, forehead and above the lip ” .

In addition to concerns that may lead to the appearance of spots on an aesthetic level, according to Jaén, “it is necessary to monitor and review by a professional.” According Mayte Truchuelo, dermatologist Institute of International Vithas, “solar lentigines can sometimes become malignant, hence the importance of dermatologic approach before applying any treatment.”

How to remove sunspots

From the Institute of International Vithas they point out that at present there are different treatment options for removing sunspots, with the laser the most effective. Aesthetically, the most used is the pulsed light , a type of laser that has an affinity for colors and also “induces skin rejuvenation” and laser Q- Switched and picosecond, “which exclusively address the spot “. Both can be combined “with a non – ablative fractional laser resurfacing which also induces a dermal level.”

“In the case of melasma generally it works well the combination of peeling with soft fractional laser and pulsed light soft, while for lentigo we chose pulsed light. The average would be about 3 or 4 sessions melasma and two for lentigos in a space of three weeks, although it is necessary to assess each case personalized “says Truchuelo.

After treatment, it is necessary ” to apply strict, moisturizing sun photoprotection and sometimes be combined with depigmenting formulas to enhance results and Maintenance Mode” conclude from the Institute.

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