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Autumn, the season most prone to itching and dryness of the skin – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Summer brings improvement of many skin diseases that benefit from sunlight, such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis or acne. However, autumn is a different era that can produce the appearance of skin problems. “The change of season, which typically involves back from vacation and the beginning of work or school year, along with decreasing exposure to ultraviolet radiation, entail a worsening of preexisting conditions, becoming one of the stations more trouble dryness and itchy skin , “says Marta Valdivieso to TodoDermo-Ramos, member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Veneralogía.

  • About “10 percent of users suffering from atopic dermatitis” and between 2 and 3 percent “psoriasis”

According to the member of Dermopharmacy and Health Products COF of Barcelona, Marta Mayor, ” seawater or the sun are two external environmental factors to which the skin is exposed during the summer and, although we use products for care it is in autumn when these excesses manifest and exposure also can be aggravated by temperature changes, where the skin, in addition to suffering dermatitis and psoriasis experience dehydration, xerosis, spots or pigmented lesions . “

In skin diseases responsible for increasing dryness and skin cigarillo “stand out for their frequency and severity, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ichthyosis group and skin prurigo. Also some tumor pictures as mycosis fungoides, which sometimes may be associated with an intense cigarillo “according to Valdivieso-Ramos says. In addition, according to Virginia Barrau, pharmaceutical and cosmetic dermatology specialist member of Dermopharmacy in the College of Pharmacists of Zaragoza also “dryness can be caused by climate or those who are undergoing cancer treatment.”

  • Moisturizers, as well as restore the skin barrier and provide hydration, can relieve itching

In Spain, Mayor, about “10 percent of a user suffering from atopic dermatitis” and between 2 and 3 percent “psoriasis”. In the case of xerosis, “it is difficult to talk about a specific percentage since, or is linked to another disease or appears in the elderly as a result of proper physiological skin changes over time” details.

When to go to the dermatologist?

Before an itchy skin that lasts over time, it is important that the patient knows when to see a specialist. “If you have an intense itching associated or not to skin lesions, it is important to be evaluated by a specialist evidencing through a thorough physical examination and a laboratory study, the most common culprits associated with that itch” considers Valdivieso-Ramos.
In cases where “the dryness and itchiness are not associated with other diseases, it is normal to think that result from climate changes of the time, therefore, with proper hygiene and hydration normal situation reestablish “ says Mayor.

  • The pharmacist can also provide hygienic-dietary advice to minimize the itching and scratching.

However, according to Mayor, in the case of patients already suffering from underlying pathologies and where dermocosmetic treatments can not be controlled outbreaks, “they will have to go to a dermatologist to prescribe the most appropriate drug treatment.”

Assets to alleviate dryness and itchiness

Valdivieso-Ramos believes that, when there is an underlying condition that justifies the itching, treatment should aim to treat this disease. To prevent dryness, moisturizers should be applied daily, especially after bathing, “discretely with damp skin to promote penetration. Furthermore, lotions containing ammonium lactate and urea are very effective “, said the expert, and glycerin. In the case of pruritus, unaccompanied xeróticas injuries, “moisturizers can be used with products such as refreshing menthol, camphor or calamine, which do not originate hydration but immediate relief from the itching sensation , ” he continues.

Also ” anesthetics and topical antihistamines should be avoided for their cause allergic sensitization risk of contact. It is also desirable that moisturizers do not contain fragrances, parabens or silicones “argues Valdivieso-Ramos. Typically, the pharmaceutical recommends applying creams once or twice a day, and once open, “is necessary to look at the symbol conservation product for its shelf life. As a general rule, if the cream appears separated into a solid phase and a liquid is broken and must be removed. “

Furthermore, Mayor considered to reduce the dryness is necessary hygiene as bath using “slightly acidic and rich soaps syndet in moisturizing substances, always in short periods of about 5 minutes and Temperature where drying must be smoothly and without friction, immediately after applying the emollient cream. ” In addition, to mitigate itching, vocal COF of Barcelona recalls that “moisturizers, as well as restore the skin barrier and provide hydration, can relieve itching if among its assets contain antipruritic substances such as bisabolol or polidocanol (laureth 6.5) “.

Furthermore, to complement the pharmacist can also provide hygienic-dietary advice to minimize the itching and scratching, such as using loose clothing made of natural fabrics, have short, clean nails to prevent scratching and do not cause infections, diet balanced or avoid dry environments and excessive heating. In addition, Barrau adds that “the hot springs are also beneficial to alleviate these symptoms.”

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The alergies

Both itching and dryness are symptomatology that may be associated with other diseases, including allergies, as Mayor. “When the pharmacist receives a query about any of these symptoms you should always ask to discard question of an allergic reaction, in which case the main objective is to identify the cause of such allergies. The pharmacist should be alert to any change in routine patient is likely to cause an allergy, but in many cases it is difficult to detect and it is necessary specialist referral physician for relevant evidence , “he argues.

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