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Avène expands its range of sun protection for all ages – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Avène Dermatological Laboratories (Pierre Fabre) extend the solar line Eau Thermale Avène with a sunscreen for children, after sun and tanning moisturizer . This range is characterized by a light texture and is designed to care for sensitive skin : “Thanks to our complex SunSitive protection , containing a minimum of photoresists assets for optimal, potent antioxidant tolerance as Petrocoferil, which ensures long – term protection and Avène thermal spring water has soothing properties , “says Victor Georgescu, medical director of the laboratory. This formulation prevents also the oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

– Réflexe Solaire Kids. This cream has a smaller factor SPF50 + to provide broad spectrum protection against UVA-UVB radiation, visible radiation and infrared rays. “This is a complex patented sunscreen that contains only four filters: an organic screen and three chemical filters” said Georgescu. It also has a handy format with a flat container to carry it anywhere.

– Gel Lácteo. It is an emulsion after sun composed of 90 percent by hydrating and is rich in Avene thermal water with a subtle perfume. It is indicated to soothe the skin after sunbathing. Its application is recommended immediately after sun exposure. “Its nongreasy finish allows dressing without having to wait” recall from the laboratory.

– Autobroncedora Moisturizer. Its formula includes DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and erythrulose, these pigments allow the skin to change color immediately but rather gradually , obtaining a natural result. With a smooth and lightly scented texture it provides a smooth feel without being fat or sticky.


This range has been developed under the theme Skin Protect Ocean Respect to combine effectiveness and compared with nature . “Solar products are both a public health challenge and a source of environmental concern , ” said Nuria Perez, general director of Eau Thermale Avène. Explains Séverine Roullet-Furnemont, head of Pierre Fabre, the rules governing its ecological formulation are:

– Do not use water – soluble filters that can be mixed with water and have a greater impact on marine biodiversity.
– Reducing the number of filters both in number and concentration.
– Do not use silicones because they are not biodegradable substances.

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