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Avène launches the Salud y Sol campaign to educate the population – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Coinciding with the European Day for Prevention Against Cancer (June 13), Avène a year and Sun Health launches campaign with which aims to raise awareness and prevent skin cancer. For this initiative the lab has created the web www.saludysol.com addressed to the patient, where you can find information about photoprotection, false myths and provide answers to frequently asked questionsthat users may arise, for example, why buy solar advised at the pharmacy. In this questions, Avene experts respond that the pharmaceutical advice, which can guarantee and ensure a safe and personalized protection. Other doubts are resolved are whether sun exposure causes scars disappear, if it takes longer to get a tan when using a solar, if the grains are removed with the sun, among many others.

The web can also consult a handy set of tips on sun protection.

1. Avoid UVA booths.
2. also be protected in the snow or mountain
3. Protect outdoor
4. Drink plenty of water
5. Check moles and ask the dermatologist
6. Do not expose to sunlight directly under three years
7. Put cream before putting front the sun and after each bath
8. Mopping not to suffer the magnifying effect
9. no sun exposure between 12 and 16 hours

One of the most useful content is the explanation video of how to apply a photoresist , both the body and the face. Also they teach people what they should show a product in the package and what types of radiation exist. Also very visually it explained the rule ABCDE to examine a mole and how to self – examination.

Another jewel of the web is the Solfarma app, developed with the General Council of Associations of Pharmacists of Spain , which helps with simple to protect from the sun and UV recommendations. This is coupled with a Facebook application created by Avène that guides the user in the type of site that should use depending on your skin type. The tool includes a series of parameters such as, hair color, skin tone, if photosensitizing agents are used, among others.

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video explaining how to be applied the photoresist in the body

video explaining how to be applied the photoresist on the face

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