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Avoid Cystitis in Summer

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Change wet bathing suit for a dry after bathing is a simple gesture that can save health problems this summer.

Moisture is a breeding ground for cystitis, urinary infection mainly affects women and whose main symptoms are constant urge

to urinate and burning the
end of urination.

Fungi and bacteria proliferate when three conditions: moisture, heat and oxygen deprivation.
The wet suit against the skin, enhances these three circumstances , and therefore favors the

reproduction of microorganisms.

The reason that urinary tract infections are more common in women because the female urethra is much shorter than men, so it is easier than microorganisms

ascend through the conduit.
And although intimal area female is provided with a natural defense against infections, moisture causes the suit completely stuck to the skin, can alter

the balance as well as other factors such as the use of soaps that alter the natural pH of the skin .


To prevent episodes of cystitis, besides changing the wet suit, these some recommendations


-Drink least 1.5 liters of liquid per day, to remove bacteria faster urinary tract.

-Avoid alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages and snuff

-Orinar every 2-3 hours because bacterial growth is higher when urine stays in the bladder and especially before and after having sex.
Sexual activity in

itself increase the risk of infection 40 times.

-Extremar hygiene, using neutral soaps, from front to back, to avoid contamination. 

-Use cotton underwear and avoiding tight clothing.

-Ducharse instead of baths.

-Reconsiderar diaphragm use, and they are pressing the urethra and hinder bladder emptying.
Its use is associated with increased frequency of infection. The same goes for tampons if

urinary infections usually occur in the premenstrual period.


An additional recommendation is taking pharmaceutical preparations cranberry high in PAC (proanthocyanidins)

One of the main problems to treat repeated cystitis is causing resistance to antibiotics, which is increasing according to
different studies bacteria.

However, cranberry lacks consideration side effects unlike antibiotics and can be taken for long periods, both to prevent and to treat,

even in combination with antibiotics


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