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Be + launches a thermal water with a high content of minerals – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Be +, dermofarmacia brand of Cinfa, has launched Be + Thermal Water , a product for the daily care of sensitive skin and serves as a complement to other beauty treatments for both adults and children and babies. Thermal water comes from the spring Grande Fontaine , a water source located in the French prepirenaica area . Moreover, the product is packed directly in this terma for promoting its purity.

Thermal Water Be + is designed to moisturize and soothe the skin. Thanks to its high mineral content, 130mg / l of dry residue and a basic pH 8.1“Exerts a resistance against environmental aggression” report from the laboratory. In the formulation includes calcium (anti-irritant), magnesium (anti-inflammatory and soothing), manganese (healing), copper (antiinflammatory), zinc (tissue regenerator), selenium (antioxidant), sulfates (astringents and antibacterial), silicas (favoring collagen synthesis), chlorides (balances the tissue water), sodium (antioxidant), bicarbonates (maintain the natural pH of the skin), fluorine (promotes skin health), strontium (involved in tissue formation corrective) and boron (involved in the operation of the transmembrane function).

In addition to a source of hydration, Be + Thermal Water may have other applications as aftershave , to set the makeup or care Atopic dermatitis or skin.

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