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Beautiful Korean style to eat “Kimchi”

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If it comes to that side of the table and then it was Koreans.
No meal would not be possible without kimchi. And know, it’s actually the Korean word “kimchi,” it is therefore assumed that the distortion of the word “taste as” translates to salty pickles. The pickles and salted species Koreans eat almost every meal. It can be cooked as food ingredients such as rice, steamed rice, several soups, fried rice noodle stew to pizza and burgers. Currently there are more than 187 types of kimchi will vary according to the local weather. Most of it is spicy, sour and pungent odor.


Kimchi is the national dish.
Feed is the wisdom of the ancestors by authenticity. With marinated red peppers and vegetables are generally lettuce. Believed eating kimchi Koreans since the 7th century during the winter. The frosty weather Not suitable for cultivation Koreans decided to find a way of preserving food by pickling vegetables to eat the fresh vegetables. Kimchi was born from vegetables marinated with salt, put in jars and then buried. Kimchi has evolved over a long time. It was kimchi today. The raw material for making kimchi were also more diverse. Both Chinese cabbage, radish, garlic, red pepper, onion, squid, shrimp, oysters or other seafood, ginger, salt and sugar, but kimchi is considered to be the most widely known in the international
kimchi cabbage. This mixed lettuce, red pepper, garlic, ginger and broth of anchovies together. If the Chinese cabbage to make it more spicy.

Health Magazine held kimchi as 1 in 5 of the world’s most nutritious foods.
Coinciding with the words of the Korean people for that.
“Eat kimchi every day. Do not go to the doctor, “  because it is rich in vitamin C which helps in major AB and digest food. It also helps strengthen the body’s immune system to fight infection because Antioxidant compounds and different Probiotic lactobacilli Basil Dallas to lactic acid after fermentation as in yogurt as well.

Health benefits of kimchi like many people, especially girls, is the Kimchi is a food that helps to control weight or shape.
Because Kimchi is a food that is in the Low Cal / High Fiber or low power but high in fiber. Which allows people to eat kimchi on a regular basis to keep in shape to look good always. On average, Koreans eat kimchi to about 100 grams per day also Kimchi is also suitable for people who have trouble digesting or excretion. The kimchi will help the system work better. We will notice that Koreans eat kimchi in-hand with other foods difficult to digest the meat, whether beef or pork, and


the beauty is.
It can be said that eating kimchi on a regular basis. The part that allows skin to smooth and shine because bacteria in kimchi Tarlac Ticketmaster (Lactic Acid Bacteria) and chemical plants. This helps slow down skin aging, not age. A vitamin C. Which allows the skin to stimulate collagen. Our skin is firmer. Little is also aging antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients in Kimchi also helps restore skin cells do not deteriorate quickly. Prevent inflammation in the body It makes our skin to slow It was even more baby itself.


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