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Beauty tips for women with cancer

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Because yes, the cancer is cured and overcome . Today, World Cancer Day, I want to focus on the most visible part of this disease and, as a professional makeup artist and specialist in cosmetics, contribute my bit to help women who suffer from it to look more beautiful and gain confidence in themselves with these beauty tips  that experts give their patients:

Hair: haircut as the first signs of fall appear,  use mild shampoos, wash with warm water and without rubbing, and protect the scalp from sun exposure with suitable sunscreens, since the skin is more sensitive. Use cotton scarves or hats (there are models that can be added flequillos and necks that simulate artificial hair itself). -Use breathable wigs , but never stuck to the scalp, as adhesives are harmful. They are a good choice for a makeover, there are a variety of materials and shapes, fringed with volume … In any case, you use wig or opt for handkerchiefs, leaves the head air six hours a day

to encourage scalp perspiration. When the hair back out, you can even dye, but dyes which do not contain ammonia should be used , such as vegetables that are sold in pharmacies.

Skin : Many doctors compare the skin of patients undergoing chemotherapy with a baby. Therefore, his advice is that you avoid the peak hours of sun, you use long scarves or hats when you leave, you use sunscreen and seek shade, and drink at least a couple of liters of water a day. As for hygiene, the specialist recommends soft, with little scent soaps , bath water is not too hot, and you use hypoallergenic moisturizers. Apply super moisturizing masks several times a week.

Makeup: you can make up, but it must be used for high – security products and offer full guarantees not to produce adverse reactions, betting on hypoallergenic formulas . Use light bases, avoid matte textures, use blushers, eye shadows and lip glosses in bright colors, avoid brown, purple or gray, delineates the root of the lashes shaded dark brown eyes helping a fine brush uses pencils ‘waterproof’ so it does not run and stay more perfect time.

If you want to
have a face more color tone, you can resort to the
use of terracotta type powders , which apply with a brush especially in the cheeks and temples.

As for lipsticks, use the most moisturizing formulas , but not long – lasting because they will dry out the lips. Cocoas used to keep them hydrated.

– Eyebrows:
If the eyebrow hair falls out , you can draw with the help of templates very comfortable not having to do the daily stroke and specific localized areas to repopulate pencils. There are also false eyebrows, in the right color, are very effective, or you can also fill out and perfilarlas with an eyebrow pencil. It is best to consult a specialist to explain to you how.

-some: you should not be out long, but better limarlas be cut 
with scissors to avoid possible injury. It is not advisable to use nail polish or nail polish remover, as they are aggressive substances. In addition, it is necessary to protect them with gloves when going to perform some manual task, and moisturize the cuticles frequently.
Micropigmentation : This is an alternative that allows disguise hair loss eyebrows and eyelashes , simulating for example an ‘eyeliner’ that will help in case of loss of eyelashes. You bear in mind that if you decant for this aesthetic solution, it is necessary to perform at least one month before starting chemotherapy to prevent healing problems.
Angela Navarro Foundation offer free workshops to hospitals and patient groups in which the three major areas that need to know the patients are addressed : self-makeup, diagnosing skin condition and needed care, and use wigs and scarves.

In addition, Apivita is well known for its organic cosmetic products without parabens body care, eyes and lips, sunscreens, serums and masks; and my partner Jorge de la Garza is a specialist in special makeups in www.oncoestetica.es .

As always, we will be very happy!
Until my next post! xxx

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