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Beauty tricks to dazzle at the holidays

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On these special nights we want to
be dazzling.
Makeup for a special occasion does not mean going overdone, but you can get dazzled with a natural look  with special touches. Few simple tricks can help achieve.

First and foremost is to have a perfectly clean and hydrated. This is something that should be normal, not to leave him alone for the time appointed, although it is true that, as the day approaches, care should be stepped up . A couple of days before exfoliate your skin gently in the shower with a sponge so that it is much softer and absorb products sconces below. 
To carry out successfully the next step is essential to hydration . It is very important that you can not stop for a single day. Both the facial skin as the body must be well hydrated. Therefore, you should start as soon as possible. The flash effect is a good ally to show off a perfect face, and that product is in seconds lights, tones and smoothes your skin .


It is imperative to look a beautiful and manicured hands. It is an important complement your look. Do yourself a manicure yourself or go to one of the hundreds of centers in the world. Try to make it as much a couple of days before the event,  so that the enamel will not break or lose color or brightness.

Hair care

Your hair is probably one of your major goals for tonight and is also likely to have some problems. I recommend that you treat your hair in depth from a few weeks earlier with masks

In addition, the same day or the day before (if you’re recogértelo is better than that night did not wash) can apply a good mask. And help yourself to the serum oils finishing as PhillipB or Moroccanoil .


The key to any makeup is to highlight more than one point of the face (eg, eyes with dark shadows require a neutral lips, and vice versa). You must also take care of the appearance of the skin using a foundation of our skin tone.

A good option is to bet on the lighting effects products . One example is the iridescent , giving a much more subtle metallic sheen. But careful when using them, it is not advisable to cover the entire face with them, but limited to only one or two areas of the face . For example, eyes and cheekbones , and make up your lips in passion red or dark red.

You can also use gloss eye , as a specific shade of Lancome ‘Juicy Tubes’, which mimics the brightness obtained by the lip gloss. A good trick to get that reflection is to use Vaseline on the eye shadow , a cheap and effective remedy.

Opt for golden touches , but not whole golden wear makeup. You must concentrate on a single point , for example, eyes. One way to show off gold is applying simple points of light. Just a touch of gloss in the center of the eyelid (opens eyes) or on top of your blush mixed cheek.


Cleansing Water Micellar Bella Aurora 13,50 € ca.

-Pads for peelig daily -Pha Bio- facial Peel Pads Zelen 80 € approx

Serum for the growth of your eyelashes M2Lashes 60 € approx

Hidrafresh Revitavilft Loreal Serum 15 € approx

Body Oil perfecter Cutaneous Bella Aurora 10,20 €

Moroccanoil Argan oil to nourish your hair 15 € approx

-To give hints of gold – flecked skin Dazzling Highlighter KIKO 8 € approx

-For your nails dark berry OPI 12 € approx

-the perfect red Red Muse, YSL Rouge Volupte from 34 € approx

I wish you as always a great week!


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