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Benefits of facial peeling

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We discovered a few weeks ago which was a peeling facial . Recall that a treatment consisting of the topical application of a chemical or physical preparation able to provoke a limited and controlled destruction of the epidermis and the first layers of the dermis.

Therefore, the
peeling has as basic and fundamental function exfoliation and pursues the thinning of the stratum corneum of the skin that result in increased cell turnover and the desired tissue rejuvenation.

exfoliation is defined as the detachment of the surface layers of the skin . To achieve the effect of deep cleaning, you can add to your routine skin care product application with a light massage. This gentle application causes an activation of circulation. Furthermore, it is achieved eliminating dead cellsand other impurities. When getting eliminate these dead cells, cell oxygenation increases, which results in a smooth skin and light .

exfoliating effect can be achieved by chemical or physical substances substances by:

Regardless of the structural basis of
emollient exfoliating effect , these substances are incorporated into gels or foam surfactants to clean, creating a feeling of comfort and softness while the use.

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