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What are the best hair care habits?

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We all dream of having healthy, soft and shiny hair, but in our day to day we carry out practices that damage and weaken it. Some of them are simple acts that we exercise by habit and without paying attention, but that affect the health of our hair fibers. wants you to know 20 simple habits that you can acquire to take care of your hair and allow it to grow healthy and strong.

It is important that you always remember that your hair is a fiber made of dead cells, like your nails. This means that it does not produce vitamins and nutrients by itself, but must absorb them from external substances such as natural oils produced by your scalp or nutrients that come from nature or beauty products. Its structure is porous and therefore can feed on these substances, but also collect and “breathe” pollution, UV rays, harmful chemicals and salt.

1. When washing your hair, before rinsing it, rub a little white vinegar. With a single application you will see it brighter.

2. Once a month, use a natural avocado mask.

3. Instead of shampoo, wash your hair with egg whites. Although it seems incredible, this natural product hydrates your hair better without weakening it (as some commercial beauty products do).

4. Do not wash it so often. The washing process wears away the fibers of your hair and does not allow you to receive essential oils for your nutrition and growth.

5. Use shampoo without salt. Salt is one of the most harmful agents in shampoo. Currently, in the market there are dozens of products without salt that help you take care of and strengthen your hair fibers.

6. Sleep with your hair collected. This helps you not to get tangled up and grow faster.

7. Brush it every time you wash it and make sure to massage your scalp with the bristles of the comb to activate the blood circulation of this area of ​​the body and promote hair growth.

8. Protect it from the sun. You can pick it up, use sunscreens for hair or special combs for summer, chlorine from swimming pools and seawater.

9. Do not dry it so often. Your hair loves being dried by the pure air, the dryer produces hot and artificial air that weakens it, avoid it to the maximum.

10. Do not squeeze it out of the shower. This simple gesture contributes greatly to weaken it, avoid doing it.

11. Do not abuse flat irons or hot curlers. The high temperatures of these devices weaken the fibers of your hair, preventing it from growing strong and healthy.

12. Heals their open ends with argan oil, an excellent regenerating ingredient.

13. Do not pick it up when it is wet. When you do this you weaken it because you do not let the fibers fulfill their natural cleaning and hydration cycle.

14. Do not dye it. The dyes contain strong chemicals such as ammonia, which weaken and burn your hair leaving traces impossible to erase in its structure and strength.


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