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What are the best hair care tips to be followed in summer?

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The saltpeter, the chlorine of the pools or the overexposure of the sun. As for the skin, summer can be the worst enemy of our hair if we do not take a series of measurements.

At this time of year, hair health suffers due to  the dryness it produces in the hair shaft. This causes the hair to weaken, lose shine and eventually diminish its volume.

The hair and the sebaceous gland are a functional unit of great importance in our body and we must ensure that they are in good condition.

Hair care begins with your hygiene:  in summer we sweat more for the scalp and that’s why  the hair gets dirty earlier. We must wash it by performing an active 15-minute massage and do it as many times as necessary. It is recommended especially after  contact with chlorine and sea salt.

Choose a suitable shampoo for your hair type: s i have dandruff, I choose a dandruff shampoo. In the case of having normal hair, better opt for a shampoo and moisturizing conditioner  with natural ingredients .

Use a shampoo that contains substances that stimulate capillary circulation (plant extracts, vitamin complexes, etc.): you must e vitar, therefore,  products with a high level of detergent.

He frequently performs hair massages using hair lotions that help stimulate capillary blood circulation: in the market there are many hair lotions that include in their formulas antioxidant substances (such as vitamins A, C and E), collagen hydrolyzate or oils (from olive, argan, etc.). All of them have a great repairing and anti-inflammatory potential.

After bathing in seawater, it is advisable to wash hair with mild shampoo with warm water and rinse thoroughly with water: d e must  keep in mind that both saltpeter as the sun alter the hydrolipidic film protecting the hair, so it It is very unprotected.

Take precautions before or after sun exposure: cover it with a  hat and apply a waterproof sunscreen. At this time of year the hair loses between 10 and 15% of its water by heat.

Preventing mechanical hair pulling, as the use of gums, clips, clamps: e n if necessary pick avoids gums or clamps with metal fittings for the oxide to be in permanent contact with the salt and the sun , do not irritate the scalp.

The hair dryer should be used as little as possible: it is better to dry the hair outdoors.

Do not hold wet hair: it  is preferable to leave hair loose combed back, without marking the line to avoid burning the scalp.

Eating a rich and balanced diet in vitamins: following a diet low in zinc and iron or having suffered episodes of stress favors the fall of it. To avoid this, it increases the consumption of  meat and fish, rich in zinc, as well as the consumption of fruits and vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables because of their high content of vitamin A and green beans for their vitamin B).

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