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Beware of confusing allergy and spring acne – Pharmacy Mail – Todo Dermo

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“Sometimes allergies in spring produce dermatologic manifestations that have nothing to do with acne, but can lead to confusion . Therefore, we must make a correct differential diagnosis to treat it properly , “he told TodoDermo Fernando Urdiales, director Miramar Medical Institute, Malaga.

At this time there may be more consultations in pharmacies because with the increase in temperatures is usually a surge in outbreaks . “Increased seborrhea occurs and complicates the clinical picture of the patient. Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can also aggravate the symptoms of acne. “Specifies Urdiales.

Should people with acne who also suffer from some type of sun allergy , this expert recommends fotoinmunoprotección: “It is based on oral intake of certain products that protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun”. Asismimo, remember that some types of acne improves with sun exposure due to anti – inflammatory effect of ultraviolet radiation, but always taking the sun with adequate protection.

“Due to the ultraviolet B hyperkeratosis occurs during sun exposure that causes a thickening of the horny layer, which improves the appearance of acne but only temporarily , ” says Paz Arnau, pharmaceutical and specialist Dermopharmacy in Farmacia Mª Paz Ferragut Chillida, in Castellón.


1. photoprotection . Experts advise using specific products for skin with acne. ” It is not enough to be oil free, especially should be non – comedogenic” says Arnau.

2. Hydrate. Urdiales insists that the opposite of oily skin is dry skin, but skin fat. Therefore recommended to keep the skin hydration in spring with compounds containing an aqueous external base and not greasy.

3. Cosmetics. Experts recommend creams, lotions and make – ups adapted for acne skin. ” It is critical that cosmetics provide moisture to the skin without oiling more” qualifies Urdiales.

4. Hygiene. “Clean the skin at the end of the day with products for skin care is essential acneicas well , ” says Arnau. Also keep in mind that as the heat increases sweating must change clothes more often to avoid worsening symptoms.

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