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Bio-Beauté presents a cleansing and antipollution range – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Brand Nuxe, Bio-Beauté has launched a cleaning line with five new antipollution treatments . There are three original textures: micellar water, foam and gel , biphasic specific treatment to remove eye makeup and an exfoliant.

Bio-Beauté created ultra formulas “vegetable surfactants of natural origin, without sulfates and active textures” explained from the laboratory. Antipollution action is based from two natural assets. The extract moringa seeds have purifying properties and protective, acting as a shield that limits the adhesion of contaminants to the skin particles. The extract white grape is rich in polyphenol antioxidants and helps combat oxidative stress induced by pollution.

The Water Cleansing Micellar antipollution is enriched with vegetable glycerine to provide more softness. The Gentle Foaming Cleanser antipollution is formulated without sulfates and soap, but with rosewater bio to soften the skin. The Gel Cleanser oils has a texture that is activated in three stages : gel on application becomes oil under the massage effect and becomes milk contact with water.

The Eye Make Up Remover Biphasic offers a treatment to prevent loss of eyelashes after removal of resistant makeup. It contains arginine , “an essential amino acid in the synthesis of keratin, to protect and strengthen the lashes” from Bio-Beauté account.

Finally, the Scrub Gel Softness , which also becomes three times (gel, oil and milk) has an active texture containing grains of different sizes, are particles grapeseed and rice .



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