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Bioderma launches its new water with solar protection – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Bioderma launches Hydrabio moisturizer SPF30 Water a water photoresist ensures optimal skin hydration . “Combined with an antioxidant complex sunscreens are integrated into a highly moisturizing water, making it renders the product a spray that prevents aging of protecting skin daily dehydration, UV radiation and free radicals” explained from the laboratory.

Its formulation and spray system , they say, “let can be used at any time of day, even to set the makeup or this without extending it .” In addition, “its smooth texture gets an invisible finish on the skin.”

To increase its action against ultraviolet rays and create a broad – spectrum protection, Hydrabio Moisturizer SPF30 Water contains the complex Cellular Bioprotection , exclusive of Bioderma, “that activates cellular defenses naturally .” To combat oxidative stress, this complex also includes antioxidants such as ectoine and mannitol.

Moreover, their moisturizing properties are due to its patent Aquagenium, “combining seed extract apple favoring water circulation vitamin PP, whose reset action lipid helps to retain water, thereby slowing evaporation “. Also it contains glycerin and other moisturizing agents.


1. Shake the spray to distribute sunscreens in water.

2. Apply at a distance of 20 centimeters from the face, eyes closed.

3. Repeat the previous step four times in the different areas of the face.

4. Let dry for 20 seconds. No need to extend the product.

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