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Biting the nails, something more than an aesthetic problem – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Onychophagia or habit of biting his nails, as well as being an aesthetic problem, it is a health problem that also involves unconscious removal of the cuticle , which has a protective function against injuries and infections. This may cause not only inflammation and pain in the finger , “which may even make it impossible to perform certain everyday tasks , ” says Ghita Sehaqui, Community pharmaceutical in Condequinto, Seville, Pharmacy but also that the nail does not grow , staying small and widen your finger. Damage of this bad habit can affect inside the nail, specifically generate microtrauma in the nail bed, thus modifying their anatomy.

Beyond local lesions, nail biting “facilitates the transport of germs from one to the mouth, causing infections,” adds Sehaqui.

Several tricks
eradicate this problem starts by tackling the root, which in many cases is in emotional factors such as worry, boredom, stress or difficulty of solving everyday problems.

Since the drug is difficult to manage and control these emotions, but you can advise tricks and products to stop nail biting. So, there are solutions that pass through cover your fingers with bandaids, have entertained mouth with sugarless gum, nail polish with bright colors to alert when put his hand to his mouth and bitter applying glazes. On the latter, the most expert recalled that are formulated with a mixture of solvents, polymers, plasticizers and adhesives.

“Some also contain denatonium benzoate , which is characterized by its bitter taste , ” he explains. Its drawback, acknowledges, is that “many people get used to these flavors and still biting his nails, so it’s not too effective method”.

If this does not work, other remedies mentioned as Sehaqui are coated nails with lemon juice and garlic in the hands or apply vegetable oil or hand cream. “This will have a similar effect to the bitter enamel and also moisturize the skin, it helps protect nails”.

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