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Biut Consultation: Cosmetologist gives tips on wrinkles, dark circles, acne and much more

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This week the cosmetologist and deputy director of the School of Aesthetic Integral AIEP, Isser Donoso, answers questions sent our users during the last week.

Check here these interesting beauty tips for enlarged pores, prevent wrinkles, sun spots, dark circles, acne and more.

Tamara Biut.cl asked by the May 26, 2011
Hello, I have 25 years. I do not like having pores open face, I never had acne or face problems, so these pores are consequently not something I wanted to know if there is any solution for this imperfection.
Cosmetologist response
Generally open pores are a feature of oily skin. There are products that help improve large pores. You have to find those containing active ingredients with fruit acids or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are also recommended face masks with Melaleuca, which is extracted from the Australian tea tree.
Francisca Biut.cl asked by the May 26, 2011
Hello, I have 25 years and I’m troubled by a wrinkle that makes me a frown, especially during the days I’m working at the computer. To this age it is likely that wrinkles remain marked forever? How do I prevent it ?
Greetings and thanks!
Cosmetologist response
Intrinsic skin aging occurs with older age and is associated with decreased physiological capacity. Fine wrinkles, dryness, thinning of the skin are presented. For data delivery, I think it is a line of expression or gesture, by frowning. I recommend the benefits of a facial treatment because it will help to stimulate the senses, you will eliminate tensions and enlighten your face.
Mao Reyes asked through Biut.cl the May 26, 2011
I am 26 years and three wrinkles on the forehead, from 24, I have not been able to minimize anything. I stressed a lot because they are very marked, are also leaving me wrinkles in the eye area and do not know what cream to use because my skin is mixed and rather complicated.
Response cosmetologist
cosmetologist, combination skin is one that presents the T – zone (nose, forehead and chin) with the highest fat. The rest of the face may be dry or dehydrated. It is very normal in adults and is very sensitive to the action of the negative environmental agents. Daily care are clean of all impurities with a gel or foam, use a tonic lotion to balance your pH, moisturize and protect cosmetics fresh and light texture. Also uses a special eye contour cream. Regarding the appearance of lines or “wrinkles”, a form of delay it is having a balanced diet, adequate intake of water (8 to 10 glasses daily) and regular physical activity.
Pote asked via e-mail on May 27, 2011
Hello, I have 28 years and do not know what kind of creams corresponds use me at this age. ¿Antiwrinkles, serum, moisturizer, hyaluronic acid? I have no big wrinkles, only a few lines under the eyes are noticed only when I laugh.
Response cosmetologist
Our cells consume oxygen, essential for life, but in this combustion process a number of toxic waste called free radicals are generated, that means we get older because we oxidize. Considering this explanation, I recommend using cosmetics with antioxidants. Main are vitamins (A, E, C, B) and minerals (trace elements, selenium, manganese, zinc).
Lisbeth asked via e-mail on May 26, 2011
Hello, my question is to do with the fatal dark circles. They leave many products, and have tried several but none has made me happy. I appreciate any advice or product that is truly effective.
Cosmetologist response
Dark circles usually appear by poor circulation, fatigue, lack of sleep, physical or emotional discomfort and women usually appear before or during menstruation. You can rinse consuming vitamin K, which has great influence on coagulation processes. The find in spinach, parsley, lettuce, green cabbage, whole grains and tomatoes.
Compresses with chamomile tea, also help decongest the eyelids and on the market there are some makeup products are called “concealers” and can help disguise.
Jessica asked by Biut.cl the May 26, 2011
Hello! I’m 25 and super healthy skin, but I have come sun spots … I know some treatment that really work, home, natural or something not very expensive. About three years ago I started using sunscreen cream, and I think it has stopped a little, but not entirely.
Cosmetologist response
Photoageing is the accumulation of ultraviolet rays received throughout our lives. The sun has harmful effects on the skin, accelerates skin aging and altered pigmentation. Therefore, the maculae (spots) are avoided by using sunscreen daily. A home advice is to make a mask of honey, lemon and oatmeal, apply about 10 minutes and rinse with water (recommended for use in winter).
Angelica asked via e-mail on May 27, 2011
I am 26 years, every time I shave my upper lip is dark, the depilo with wax, since rapier is impossible. I have a little darker that area. What I can do? On the other hand, I have skin oily or combination might face, but the nose and forehead shines shines too bad! What kind of cream or lotion can I use? I use Natura sick, I love it , but I would like a recommendation … Help me!
Cosmetologist response
spots on the skin due to different causes; its appearance is related to taking contraceptives, pregnancy and hormonal disorders specific. Also in many cases, hot waxing and consequent exposure to the sun, are factors affecting their formation. In addition, there are some medications that can produce pigmentations.
To treat the area you can make yourself a peeling with a cosmetologist. The peeling remove stains and are not at all harmful, you must beware of sun exposure, since the new skin is more sensitive. Another option is to use a fluid depigmentation. Finally, I suggest making your definitive hair removal technique (if at hand), such as lasers, because it is an art apparatus, quick and painless applied by medical professionals.
For combination skin it is necessary to balance the T zone (oily skin lotion) and regulate the hydration of the dry zone (moisturizer), complemented with use of sunscreen to prevent “spots”.
Karenojeda asked through our Twitter
@biutcl how eliminate acne and blemishes that this leaves behind?
Cosmetologist response
Acne usually appears at puberty and is due to hormonal influence. It commonly affects the face and back. There are different types of acne, therefore, the first thing is to visit a dermatologist to let you know what to do, since according to the degree can be treated with medication or cosmetic treatments. There Cosmetic treatments and peelings cabinet with exfoliants that help remove stains and marks.
Mingue asked via e-mail on May 26, 2011
Hello, I have 34, and I have periods when I’m full of pimples, white beans, and I have many brands, what can I do? What I can use?
I wait your answer thank you.
Cosmetologist response
in skin with overproduction of sebum, sanitize most importantly, tone and seal with suitable cosmetics. Use products with AHA fruit acids or tea tree oil. It is very important to keep clean pilosebaceous follicles to not proliferate bacteria, for that reason I also recommend visiting the cosmetologist as there are cosmetic formulas that can only be used in cabinet.
Claudia asked via e-mail on May 26, 2011
I am 27 years old and suffer from rosacea, happened good and bad times, I know not improved anything, it is only to keep it at bay … Thinking about it, my query is what cream is most recommended for day and also if there are other creams that can be used that can prevent premature wrinkles or have a good hydration, or natural things … I do not know, everything serves me, I hope very attentive response .
Thank you very much!
Cosmetologist response
Rosacea is a skin process that is manifested by the appearance of erythema, telangiectasia and sometimes papules and pustules. This skin is very sensitive, it does not support soaps and to emotional and environmental situations reacts turning very red. Given the above, treatments are directed to hypersensitivity. For example: you must apply the cleanser with a very soft spatula and removed with cotton pads, avoiding rubbing hands because it produces heat. Use decongestant lotions. It also serves chamomile. More than a brand, I suggest choose creams in their formula containing vitamins A, C, E, F, cytokines or ceramides, to avoid the action of free radicals.
Patitasm asked through our Twitter
@biutcl Hello! What do they know of the virginal milk and moisturizing attributes? I use, I like, but I want to know if you have contraindications 😉
response cosmetologist
La Leche Virginal is an old recipe with tincture of benzoin, resin obtained by incisions in the trunk of Styrax benzoin native of Sumatra. It has regenerative, moisturizers, antiseptic and moisturizing properties. No adverse reactions or contraindications to their use are known.

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