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Black Diamond Line

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Last week we presented you our most anticipated new in reparative treatments to slow the damage and over time at the level of cellular DNA: Epigence 145 145 Sleeping Epigence Cream and Cream. But our range Black Diamond goes further.

MartiDerm once again revolutionizes the world of cosmetic dermatology, with a line where the skin, regardless of age, can improve their ability to repair damage and meet both internal and external factors.

With its concept
Smart Aging , MartiDerm looking skin can not only benefit from an external moisturizing or firming action contributing as known ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or proteoglycans own, but ourSmart Ingredients , effectively achieve that generate their own skin collagen and elastin fibers, including natural endogenous production of proteoglycans.

The Black Diamond range is a complete range where
get skin treatments work for itself and whose benefits can be significantly soon. In the Black Diamond range we can find:

Blisters of proteoglycans last generation.
Now you find on the market the new format of 30 ampules for our most loyal customers.

With regular use, we get not only moisturize and brighten the skin intensively.
PROTEUM 89+, its main ingredient, provides exceptional hydration and helps the natural formation of proteoglycans, collagen fibers and elastin for a firmer and more elastic skin, and acts as an important biological sunscreen to protect the skin from damage of UV radiation.

And with their vitamin with 15% complex
Vitamin C pure, more 5% Vitamins (A, E, F and B5) we not only get a high antioxidant action, but also fosters the formation of collagen, an action restorative and a lighting effect for a healthier skin. Long-lasting effect.

It was our first product in sérum format proteoglycans art, the known PROTEUM 89+, hence its name.
In this case, it joins the action of this proteoglycan, with antioxidant and protective action of vitamins, but especially with the great restorative action thanks to repairing DNA helps reinforce the mechanisms of cell repair that is not saturated and act effectively.

Suitable for all skin types thanks to its very light texture leaves a comfortable and hydrated intensively.
With the new image of the line we have two packages to choose:
PROTEUM Serum Easy Go, the familiar packaging, lighter and easier to transport, and new packaging more sophisticated, with a pearlescent finish but with the same qualities as above.

A revolutionary treatment to correct quickly and efficiently lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lip contour respectively.
Ionto-Lift Eye Contour gets reinforce and tighten the lines and wrinkles, providing greater hydration and elasticity. Ionto-Filler Lip Contour has a filling effect and improve lines and wrinkles known as bar code . In just 20 minutes youbegin to feel its effects.
As we mentioned
few days ago, is the big news this autumn 2017. This is a revolutionary treatment thatget improve the natural mechanisms of DNA transcription. Obtaining an anti-aging selective treatment, procollagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid . Sleeping version adds Cream renewing action for effective night treatment and a soothing and restorative action.

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