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Blisters and skin cancer: when to start worrying – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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It is common burning due to excessive sun exposure, but may be considered when serious burn? The Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), replied that if a blister caused by the sun lasts longer than two days may be granted and the quality of dangerous .

  • If a blister caused by the sun lasts longer than two days may be granted and the quality of dangerous

To prevent such problems, the association recommends avoiding sun exposure in hours in which most affects (especially between 12 and 16 hours); skin and eye care for what to wear hat, shirt and sunglasses; put sunscreen with a higher factor 30 and reapplying every 2 hours; dispense with the use of tanning booths.

Children need special but, at the end of care, it is best to protect them using a sunscreen with a factor greater than 30 and shirt and cap at all times to cover the maximum body surface.

If these guidelines are not followed, the skin is at risk of developing not only burns, but skin cancer. Although melanoma is the most common skin cancer, that’s one of the deadliest. Control the appearance of moles and skin blemishes is essential to detect any possible risk.

That is why experts devised the so – called ABCDE rule . This involves analyzing the asymmetry of the spot, edges, color, diameter and evolution. While these five points are not decisive, they are a starting point to go to the dermatologist should see something strange.

To rule out a possible skin cancer, have to know the characteristics of a common mole. Normally, it has a size less than 5 or 6 mm wide and the shape is usually round or oval, with smooth and regular border area.

In addition, the color can vary from pink, tan or brown, but always with homogeneous tones. However, people with darker skin usually has darker spots, which does not mean necessarily a bad mole.

So when you can suspect a melanoma? ABCDE rule is an old trick that allows to determine if risk or not . The first point to consider is the asymmetry . The form of malignant melanoma is not symmetrical as it can be a stain not dangerous skin. This means that if a line dividing the lunar plotted, the halves do not match.

Second, the jagged edges and uneven color . If the tone changes within the same mole is cause for alarm. The color can be displayed with black bronze tones, brown or. Even, sometimes it may be white, red, blue or other hue.

Dangerous spots usually have a skin than 5 or 6 mm diameter , although not always (can not exclude a melanoma to be smaller). Reference to see if the stain exceeds these dimensions, one can think of the eraser of a pencil.

Finally, we must evaluate the evolution . A good indicator of possible melanoma is the mole has changed in appearance or reveal symptoms of itching, pain or bleeding.

Given this rule, the AEDV warns that not necessarily all malignant melanomas meet each and every one of the above. It may just acquire some of the characteristics mentioned.

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