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Blurmania or makeup with photoshop effect looks smooth skin and no imperfections

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Having a perfect and smooth skin is the dream of many women! And thanks to makeup and certain cosmetics can come true … Discover how blurmanía, or what is the same, the effect photoshop makeup can become your ally for every day. 

What is the blur effect or blurmanía? The concept comes from certain creams and cosmetics with an effect of smoothing the skin, making wrinkles disappear, shine, pores and other imperfections, instantly … It’s as if we spent by photoshop and luciéramos for a limited time an unblemished skin. Well these creams basis planers (Blur) that give the face a healthy, luminous appearance, uniform, perfect! blurmanía or makeup comes with photoshop effect. 

How to get makeup with photoshop effect?

For best results, the first thing to consider is how to apply the first or prebase: After your cream daily care and makeup before.
Next to that the effect is most striking is necessary to make a smooth and bright makeup. The result of your skin will be like you’ve been through photoshop. Here are the steps to look as perfect skin like many celebrities.

– Apply the planer PREBASIC pores (blur) and then a base to match the tone of skin . Use a light and translucent, the type of BB Cream CC Cream or Tinted Moisturizer because it is not recommended to use matte foundations or pressed powder to qualify shine.

– Another option that I recommend is to use a tinted moisturizer or a base of very light makeup , which can be mixed with a little cream to enhance the luminous natural effect, or even a moisturizer as a highlighter on the cheeks to reflect the light.

– Then apply corrector area under the eyes, the side of the nose and chin and start preparing the darkest areas of the face and then illuminated.

– then uses a illuminator with some shine. The brightness should be applied over all the upper parts of the face where the light is reflected and out naturally. Therefore we recommend doing makeup always close to natural light.

– Do not use ‘beauty blenders’ or dense brush to perform the technique. You can not use your fingers to create makeup (which is ideal) uses a type brush filbert making moves downward to blend the product, because in this way the pores are closed and a more natural and organic coverage is achieved .

– In the eyes , begins by applying a golden touch on the eyelid and tear and the outermost region of the eye, a darker shade coffee or chocolate to add depth and create an effect of larger and intense eyes.

Framing the look with a fine delineation on the top of the lashes with eyeliner (used to intensify the black or brown tone for a more natural effect). And with a chocolate brown or black pencil delineates the inside of the eye, the water line (waterline).

– Finish the eye makeup, applying mascara . Choose a black or brown and apply the mask twice left between one application and another 10 seconds.

– With a brush, apply blush or bronzing powder in warm colors bronze apple cheekbone and upward toward the temple. To give a bright touch uses a illuminator powder gold tone , apply it with a brush just above the blush under the eyes and by touching the blush high cheekbone area.

– Outlines your lips with a color pale pink and filled with the same profiler. This will help shine does not come out of her mouth. Then apply a touch of gloss in the central area of the mouth, so you get a slight sheen and a volumizing effect on your lips.

Here are some celebrities who wear the makeup photoshop (top gallery you can see some more).


– All about Matt Essence (€ 4.39 approx.).

– Mat Base Corrector Primer Kiko Cosmetics (€ 12,90 approx.).

– Optical Draft Garnier (11 € approx.).

– Smashbox photofinish Foundation (€ 40 approx.).

– Flawless Radiance Primer of Evelom, planer and antiaging (40 € approx.).


– L’Oréal Luz Magique (€ 12,90 approx.).

– Flormar Make-Up iluminating First Base (9.90 € approx.).

– Studio Secrets Smoothing renovadora base (€ 17,90 approx.).

– My Base Illuminating Essence (4.50 € approx.).

– Natural nude Diorskin crystal Skin Perfecter (40 €).

– That Gal of Benefitt (21 € approx.).


– Make up forever with a variety of 6 different correctors (30 €).

– Skin Tone Corrector Primer Kiko in 3 different tones depending on our needs: to disguise green granites, violet for yellow and pink tones skin (13 € approx.).

– L’Oreal Studio Secrets, 4 proofreaders tones (19.90 €).

– Stila One Step Correct, if you have blotchy skin, uneven tone and low gloss (30 € approx.).

– Prebase prep-prime the Mac, brightens skin and neutralizes and unifies the tone even if you are
prone to redness (29 € approx.).

– Sisley Instant Perfect.
It is a prebase that fills wrinkles, mattes and corrects minor imperfections (€ 43 approx.).

– Embelliseur Teint Eclat Minute, YSL, its mission is to beautify the skin off (€ 28 approx.).

May you be happy! Until my next post! XXX

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